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How Melvin Gordon Influenced Corey Clement

Three drafts after the Patriots took James White and two after the Chargers selected Melvin Gordon, Corey Clement has the opportunity to become the next Wisconsin running back to make a splash in the NFL.

"It means a lot, especially with (the) top years two former Badgers (had) in James White and Melvin Gordon," Clement said.  "You want to be able to keep that positive vibe going coming from Wisconsin…. Melvin Gordon is coming out of his shell and it's only going to get better for him."

Along with fellow RB Dare Ogunbowale, Clement is one of six Badgers invited to the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine.  On Wednesday, Clement reflected on his four college seasons, two of which were spent sharing the field with Gordon.

"I remember a lot, especially the two seasons I had, he was always telling me how to compete. He never wanted to lose and I think that's a great characteristic for anybody. If I could take anything from him, it would be to never be the last one in the door. Whenever it comes to being competitive, you've got to always have the upper edge."

Clement said the pair still keep in close contact and that he's privileged to have such a reliable source to lean on during the Combine and Draft process.

"We always text. Between him (and) James, many other former Badgers have reached out to me especially coming to this Combine wishing me good luck. I'm definitely fortunate to have guys like that."

In addition to prepping him for the upcoming Draft, Gordon has also helped Clement get ready for the biggest change of his life: transitioning from college to the NFL.

"He's taught me a lot.  He said everything is just another step faster.  As far as the NFL compares to college, the real difference is you're getting paid for it.  You have to try and take someone else's spot and they're trying to feed a family…(nobody is) going to lend you their job.  It's that much more serious and you really have to (do your best) to make a team because nothing is given."

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