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How Did Bolts' Potential Draft Targets Perform at the Combine?


In the days heading into the Combine, we identified 10 prospects that draft experts predicted the Bolts may be targeting with the 28th overall pick.

Now that this year's Combine is in the books, let's take a closer look at how each player fared.

Nasir Adderley

Position: S

School: Delaware

Height: 6-0

Weight: 206 pounds


Did not workout due to high ankle sprain suffered during the season.

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On not participating in workouts…

"Unfortunately, I won't be participating in the combine events tomorrow because a lot of you don't really know, but I was dealing with a high ankle sprain the back end of the year. So, it happened probably Week 6, Week 7 and I've just played through it and got an MRI following the year and it was a pretty significant high ankle sprain. But I knew coming from a small school, the Senior Bowl is the most important event for me. So, I wanted to go out there and I just fought through it and it kind of set me back as far as my training for these events. So, I'm getting a lot better and I'm confident I should be able to do everything on my pro day."

On if it's a detriment coming from a small school…

"So, it's definitely a question I've been asked frequently, but I feel like my performance at the Senior Bowl alleviated some of the questions. So, more so, we're focusing on just going forward and I am confident in my ability and the small school thing, that's never been an issue for me at all. And then I'm realizing a lot of these teams are seeing that as well."

Devin Bush

Position: LB

School: Michigan

Height: 5-11

Weight: 234 pounds


40 Yard Dash: 4.43

Bench Press: 21 reps

Vertical Jump: 40.5 inches

Broad Jump: 124.0 inches

3-Cone Drill: 6.93 seconds

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On what he wants teams to know…

"What you see on tape is real. That's what you're going to get 100 percent of the time, and it's no fluke. I'm a tough player. I play hard, and my film speaks for itself."

On who he looks up to in the NFL…

"Guys of my similar size, similar build. We play the same, guys like Lavonte David, Deion Jones, Ryan Shazier, the list goes on."

Dexter Lawrence

Position: DT

School: Clemson

Height: 6-4

Weight: 342 pounds


40 Yard Dash: 5.05

Press: 36

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On how he's become so effective rushing the passer…

"Just repetition, offseason, just getting a lot of get-offs. I did a lot of get-offs in the offseason, even during the season after practice. I would keep it going. I would try to keep that - that's what the game is about. And keeping my technique right and just understanding the offense that I'm going against. Watching a lot of film, watching the guy I'm going against…. The game became a lot more mental once you've…I don't want to say peaked at your athleticism, but I know at the next level it's going to be big, fast guys as well. So, it's just the little things that separate."

On his favorite pass rush move…

"Oh, my power rusher. So, I like to do my long-arm, bull rushes. I watched a little Reggie White and learned how to do the hump, just power moves like that."

Greg Little

Position: OT

School: Mississippi

Height: 6-5

Weight: 310 pounds


40 Yard Dash: 5.33

Vertical Jump: 25.0 inches

Broad Jump: 113.0 inches

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On one consistent question he gets asked about by teams…

"Confidence. They say can you come in and be our guy day one? Yes sir. I love football, I love competing. I'm so competitive that my goals are to come in and be an All-Pro year one or at least by year two. I want to be offensive rookie of the year, and I want to dominate my first year and earn respect from the older guys."

On his instincts…

"I've got great instincts. I'm a high IQ guy. A lot of tackles limit their eyesight to the front four, front seven. I'm looking downfield, at safeties, what they're doing. The safeties will tell you a lot about what's going on in the play. My IQ is great. I think a lot of coaches I met with were surprised how great my IQ was."

Drew Lock

Position: QB

School: Missouri

Height: 6-4

Weight: 228 pounds


40 Yard Dash: 4.69

Vertical Jump: 31.0 inches

Broad Jump: 112.0 inches

3-Cone Drill: 7.03 seconds

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On who he compares himself to…

"Obviously I have a lot to prove and a lot to do to be even compared to this guy, but if there's any way, I would model my game after Aaron Rodgers. Just the stuff he does off platform, I think if you watch my game, I throw a lot off weird platforms. My feet aren't necessarily perfect all the time. I throw from weird arm angles. I get critiqued about it. He gets critiqued about it a little bit. That's just our style of game. That's what we do. That's what we're proud of. It's probably going to be hard to change, unless someone really needs me to change it, then I will. But that's just who I am as a quarterback, and that's just who he is."

On if he feels pressure during draft season…

"I think pressure comes with things you're surprised about, and knowing I would be in front of these people, going to the Senior Bowl, start talking to teams — if that is the case and my name is rising, I'm not really surprised about it because I felt confident about who I was as a quarterback. (I) knew I would talk really smart ball with teams, knew I would throw really well and test really well.... I think surprise is definitely not the word to be used."

Ed Oliver

Position: DT

School: Houston

Height: 6-2

Weight: 287 pounds


Bench Press: 32

Vertical Jump: 36.0 inches

Broad Jump: 120.0 inches

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On how he differs from other defensive linemen in this draft…

"Probably just my playing style; my high-motor style of play. How aggressive I am, and how much of a penetrator I am. Just the different swag I can bring to a defensive line, I can change the whole defense, honestly…I just feel that I play with a lot more speed than most D-linemen do. Especially the ones coming out this year. I feel like when you turn my tape on, you turn other guys' tape on, I'm moving at a different speed."

On what teams ask him about…

"They just pull up the worst plays they can find. I don't have any just horrible plays, but plays where (I) could have done better here and there. You have to own up to that, whether it's technique or effort, you explain the play and go about your business."

Jawaan Taylor

Position: OT

School: Florida

Height: 6-5

Weight: 312 pounds


Bench Press: 24 reps

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On what he thinks biggest different will be between college and NFL…

"In the NFL, it's a grown-man game and you have to go against the top guys every Sunday. So you know I have to be ready and prepared for big-time players and a big-time game."

On if he's the best tackle in the draft…

"I just feel I'm the best. I never want to put anyone ahead of me. I feel like I'm the best. I feel like I have more to prove. I'm not perfect, but I feel like I'm the best one here."

Jerry Tillery

Position: DT

School: Notre Dame

Height: 6-6

Weight: 295 pounds


40 Yard Dash: 4.93

Press: 23

Vertical Jump: 32.0 inches

Broad Jump: 115.0 inches

3-Cone Drill: 7.45 seconds

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On what he brings to the table…

"I think I'm quick off the ball. I have great technique and when I approach the linemen, I have a big arsenal of tools that I use to my advantage and I am successful with. Also the work that I put in. I work so hard at perfecting these different techniques. That's what I do for a living."

On if his height can be a disadvantage…

"I don't know if (low man wins) is a cliché. I think there's some truth to that. Playing with low pad level, that's what I have to do if I'm going to have any success at what I try to do. You work that every day. That's part of what we do in practice."

Christian Wilkins

Position: DT

School: Clemson

Height: 6-3

Weight: 315 pounds


40 Yard Dash: 5.04

Bench Press: 28 reps

Vertical Jump: 29.5 inches

Broad Jump: 107.0 inches

Top Quotes

On what he brings to the table…

"I want a team to realize that if you get me, (you're) investing in so much more. Just the ability to not only dominate on the field, be effective on the field, but also to improve the culture, whether it's good, bad, ugly, different. I think ultimately, I'm the kind of guy you want in the locker room, you want on your team, on the field with you. I'm someone who's just extremely committed and invested in my craft."

On his favorite alignments to play…

"I definitely feel like I'm best suited as a three-technique. I feel like my skill set allows me to be the best there, most effective there. But I feel like I can play all across the defensive line, all across the defensive front. I even feel I can drop into zone coverage if I need to. I can play five techniques, whatever is needed of me. That's also what teams get, too – a guy who's versatile and can play up and down the defensive line, who's durable, who played 59 games in their career."

Mack Wilson

Position: LB

School: Alabama

Height: 6-1

Weight: 240 pounds


Vertical Jump: 32.0 inches

Broad Jump: 117.0 inches

Top Quotes

On his strengths…

"The strength of my game is my ability to play any linebacker position and my ability to ability to run sideline to sideline. Cover tight ends, cover running backs, blitz, tackle. I feel I can do it all. That's something I'm going to continue to work on and just continue to keep moving forward."

On his drive to be first linebacker drafted…

"I'm definitely motivated. Throughout this whole year, I feel like a lot of people were sleeping on me. I feel like a of people were talking negative about me or about my play. At the end of the day, people fail to realize that I've got 10 other guys on my team playing Division I football, SEC, who is the best team in the country. These guys are not just screwups. Yeah, I'm going to make play, but expect these guys to make plays, as well. Whenever somebody messes up, a lot of people just criticize. We play football. Football, you're going to mess up, you're going to make mental errors, you're going to do different things. But I feel like somebody shouldn't judge you by that. Yeah, I don't really entertain none of it because I know at the end of the day God put me on Earth to be a blessing to others and to take advantage of every opportunity. I've been taking advantage of every opportunity. I feel like I did great for the University of Alabama. I just didn't finish it the way I wanted to."

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