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Hoteliers Economic Study Flawed

This afternoon at the Liberty Station Conference Center, Measure C: A Contest of Economic Arguments was held between Rob Hunden of Hunden Strategic Partners and David O'Neal of Conventional Wisdom Corporation head-to-head against Joe Terzi and his consultant Tom Hazinski of HVS Convention, Sports & Entertainment Facilities Consulting and flaws and inaccurate data incorporated in the hoteliers study was exposed.

Hunden went through a litany of factual errors and flaws in the hoteliers study.  

"Their methodology was flawed since they only talked to a handful of existing convention customers and ignored all of the new business that could be generated by the new joint facility," Hunden concluded.  The Hunden study would generate two-million additional room nights in the first 10 years, along with more than $750 million in room revenue and more than $126 million in room tax revenue.

Fred Maas, Specail Advisor for the Chargers, said "what was so disappointing was how rife the hoteliers study was with bias, prejudice and flawed methodology."

The 90-minute debate was held in front of almost 200 interested citizens from across San Diego.  

Paid for by Vote Yes on C, with major funding by Chargers Football Company, LLC.

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