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Get to Know: Joshua Kelley


While you may be aware running back Joshua Kelley was selected by the Bolts in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft, here are some facts you may not know about No. 27.

Film Fanatic

Though Kelley is just starting his new job as a pro football player, he already has planned aspirations for his next chapter. "I want to be a screenwriter and work on developing stories that people globally can watch and empathize with." 

Kelley talked a bit more about how he got into screenwriting and what he likes about it in the clip above.

Faith First

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Can’t ever leave without it. ✝️ Hebrews 4:12

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"I'm a devout Christian and would love to be a pastor or keynote speaker for a church." If you follow Kelley on social media, chances are you'll see him post some of his favorite Bible passages. "I'm extremely passionate about God and want to pursue my purpose to glorify him."

Favorite Snack


Kelley's loves cereal as he calls it his "favorite snack of all time." Sometimes, as you can see above, he'll even talk about the food on social media.

But his love for cereal goes beyond just eating it regularly.

"My goal is to try every cereal or be able to create my own cereal one day," he said.

While he admits choosing a favorite cereal is hard, his top choice? Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Besides English, He Speaks…

What was discussed as part of his "Two Truths and A Lie" in a recent episode of Roll Call actually turned out to be a revelation as Kelley admitted he speaks Romanian along with English.

"I got a chance to learn the language at UCLA and can get around in Romania." He admitted he actually learned the language pretty quickly because it's Latin-based.

Fan of Music

"I'm a fan of music, sound, and instrumentation." While Kelley enjoys different types of music, he does have a few favorite genres and artists. "I really enjoy oldies and gospel. Specifically, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Kirk Franklin."

Browse through some photos of running back Joshua Kelley's journey from UCLA to the Senior Bowl, NFL Combine and now the Los Angeles Chargers fourth round selection in the 2020 Draft.

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