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Get to Know: Darius Jennings


While you may be aware wide receiver Darius Jennings joined the Bolts this spring in free agency, here are some facts you may not know about No. 11.

Family First


Jennings was born and raised in Baltimore, Md. But one of the best parts of growing up in the Charm City was the close proximity to his family.

"90% of my family was in a 20 min. radius of my house growing up." While he says he loved having his family nearby, he mentioned two notable positives.  "Because there are so many of us there was never a dull moment, and there was always somewhere to eat!"


QB – DB – WR

Like many players, the position that Jennings originally played in high school isn't what he plays now in the league. "I played quarterback in high school, the majority of my scholarships were for DB, but I eventually made it to the league as a receiver."

The jack-of-all-trades said his time playing different positions greatly benefited him and his growth as a player. It may be surprising, but he admits his time under center is what helped him most.

"Playing some DB in high school helped me know certain tendencies that DBs look for to figure out what route WRs run. My time at QB was probably most beneficial though. It helped me understand full concepts and see the field on a bigger scale instead of learning my individual route on a particular play."


He Caught Passes from HOW Many QBs?


"I caught passes from six different QBs in college."

One thing Jennings took away from the experience at UVA was how it helped him in terms of adaptability.

"You don't have any choice but to adapt. It's always a 'next man up' mentality anyway. So you have to do your job regardless."

Take a look through the some photos of new Chargers wide receiver Darius Jennings.

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