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Game-Winning Stop Leads to Wild Sideline Celebration

Philip Rivers has been in this position so many times over his career.

The ball in his hand, his team on the move and only a single score needed to secure the victory.

However, this time he was on the sidelines.

The Titans had just scored to make it a 20-19 game, needing just an extra point to tie it up.

Instead, they opted to roll the dice.

Seconds before the snap, Rivers went up to his offensive teammates, telling them to get ready if needed.

"It's tough (to not be in control), but I think you're always believing in your defense," Rivers said. "We all believed they were going to stop them, but at the same time, you've got to get ready, knowing, hey, we're going to have two timeouts, we've got about 30 seconds to go get a field goal," Rivers explained. "So, I think for us we're saying, 'Hey, we're still going to win the game even if something happens.' But (we all had) great confidence in our defense."

Perhaps no one had more confidence than Keenan Allen.

When Rivers turned to his wideout to tell him about the plan going forward should they score, Allen quickly told him not to even worry about it.

"No question (they'd get the stop)," he said. "Phil came to me, 'We're going to have to go in these last 30 seconds.' I looked (at him and said), 'We don't need it, Phil.' Right before the two-point conversion, I thought, we don't need it, they're going to get stopped."

The Bolts got the stop…but there was a flag on the play.

Tennessee would have one more chance.

Still, KA13 didn't fret.

"Still don't need (to worry)." He said. "We practice those situations all the time and I have big faith in our defense."

Sure enough, Marcus Mariota dropped back and fired across the middle only to have the ball tipped away by Adrian Phillips.

Pandemonium erupted on the sideline – the Chargers were an onside kick recovery away from flying home with the win.

"It was awesome," said Dan Feeney. "Watching them do their thing, I couldn't stop pumping my fist."

"Crazy," said Tyrell Williams. "It was wild. It was an awesome feeling."

As Casey Hayward ran off the field celebrating following the big stop, he couldn't help but notice his offensive teammates.

"It was wild," he said. "To see them get so (amped up) means a lot. We're a team, and so to watch them (celebrate), it shows just how close we all are."

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