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First Responders Recognized at Chargers Camp

Check out the best action shots from Day 14 of Chargers Camp, as the Bolts prep for the Seahawks.

It may not seem like football and law enforcement share similarities, but they do

Physicality. Mental training. Leadership.

Captain Richard Shear of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department recognized those similarities as he brought 10 of his top supervisors from the training bureau to take in the sights and sounds of Chargers training camp during First Responders' Day.

The members of the sheriff's department enjoyed the day under the friends and family tent while watching practice.

"It's been great," said Debbie Tombol. "I've never been to anything like this before, and it's definitely an experience. I grew up in Orange County, in this area actually, so it's cool to be able to come here with the Chargers during their training camp. We're going to plan a trip together, all of us, to go watch them play a game."

That trip won't be far away, as after practice, General Manager Tom Telesco greeted the group and invited them to Saturday's preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks.

"We appreciate everything that they do," Telesco said. "It seems pretty small for us to just have them come out to practice and watch, but it means so much to them. A lot of things they do, we try to emulate the same thing as far as how they train their troops and how we train our football players as far as leadership, physical and mental toughness, being able to handle adversity, passion for what you do. All the things we look for in players and try to develop in players is everything that they do, except they do theirs on a much bigger scale because they're real life and we're just the game of football. It's really nice that they could come out, and I'm excited that they can come to a preseason game and watch us play, too."

The group left camp with smiles, grateful for the experience and to be able to connect with players on how both their jobs are very demanding.

"It's definitely inspiring," Tombol said. "We kind of have the same goals. Physical fitness, leadership, mentorship…all these things that we can compare to."

"It reminds us, when we go back to our jobs, as members of the community, that you're appreciated," Shear added. "You're in the public eye, you get to see people doing the same thing, and it's very competitive. Everybody's got to work at what we do and not take anything for granted, but it's always relying on each other to get the thing done."

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