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Exclusive First Interview with Uchenna Nwosu

Shortly after the Chargers took him in the second round, linebacker Uchenna Nwosu called to give his exclusive first interview as a member of the Bolts. off, congratulations.  What is going throughout your mind right now?

Nwosu:I still can't believe it!  I'm at a loss for words.  Getting that phone call was amazing.  I had to check my phone and make sure my ears were clear to make sure it was real.  I'm just very thankful and very excited.  I'm just so happy it's you guys that called me. were born in Carson.  Played at USC.  How's it feel to be able to stay local and play at home in L.A.?

Nwosu:It's very special.  Being able to be around the people who've supported me my whole life is a blessing. much contact did you have with the Chargers during this whole process?

Nwosu:A lot.  Ever since the Combine and Senior Bowl I've been talking to you guys a lot.  I was there at your local Pro Day, so it was a good refresher.  We've had a lot of contact. are a lot of fans in the area who are familiar with you, but for those who haven't seen you play, what are the Bolts getting in you?

Nwosu:You are getting the best player in this draft.  I'm the best player to help you get a Super Bowl.  I'm very versatile, and I can do anything you ask me to do.  Special teams, defense; anything.  I will do anything to help this team become Super Bowl champions. not going in the first round add to that proverbial chip on your shoulder?

Nwosu:No.  I don't have any chip on my shoulder because for me it wasn't about what round I was taken.  It was about the right fit, and I'm happy that's with the Chargers.  I felt the Chargers were the right fit. then what is it about the Chargers that make us the right fit?

Nwosu:Just how Gus Bradley and the staff uses their linebackers.  They use them to rush.  They use them in coverage.  They ask us to drop.  They use us in so many ways, so I feel I fit in perfectly. obviously took Derwin James in the first round.  Did you have much contact with him during the draft process? What do you know about him?

Nwosu:I met him at the ESPN skills challenge.  He's a cool dude, and I can't wait to get started with him. you look at these players on this team, you have two in front of you in Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram.  What goes through your mind thinking of playing with those two Pro Bowlers?

Nwosu:I know I'm going to be able to learn a lot from them because they are really great players.  I can't wait to be around them. there any quarterback you are looking forward to sacking?

Nwosu:All of them and as many times as I can! got a bunch of fan questions in for you, and a few want to know who is the one teammate you are most looking forward to being around?

Nwosu:Oh, definitely my guy Hayes Pullard.  I haven't seen Hayes in a while, but he was my mentor when I first got to USC.  So it's an awesome feeling to be back with him and connect with him again., what's the first message you want to give Chargers fans?

Nwosu:Just that I will never give up on them. 

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