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Exclusive First Interview with Rayshawn Jenkins

Shortly after the Chargers took him in the fourth round, safety Rayshawn Jenkins called to give his first interview as a member of the Bolts., Rayshawn.  Did you have any idea the Bolts were interested in you throughout this process?

Jenkins:What's crazy is I had no contact at all!  They called me and said they had their eye on me.  They liked my film. It brought me to tears. I'm just extremely humbled, and I thank God and the Chargers for this opportunity. what was that moment like when you got the call?

Jenkins:Oh man, there is no other feeling like this in the world.  This is something I've been dreaming of since I was eight.  So for this day to finally come, I'm just excited and extremely humbled to be a part of a great organization like the Chargers.  I'm ready to go in and work. get to join a secondary that has two Pro Bowl corners in Jason Verrett and Casey Hayward.  How familiar are you with them?

Jenkins:Very.  I know that they are two great football players.  I'm ready to just come in and contribute any way I can. If that means special teams or anything, I am ready to come and contribute right away.  It's awesome to play with guys that talented. get to play for Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley, who has a strong reputation when it comes to the secondary.  You ready for that?

Jenkins:Oh yeah!  It's going to be crazy to play for the guy who created the Legion of Boom.  I'm ready to come in and learn from the vets, and also coaches like him. I'm ready.  I have raw talent, but a lot of room for development.  I feel like he is the guy to develop me.'s a fan question from Andrew Cunneen.  He wants to know what is going to be like to reunite with Denzel Perryman?

Jenkins:That's going to be awesome!  He actually just facetimed me!  He is one of my good buddies.  We played together for two years (at Miami). That friendship we made is going to last a lifetime.  I'm glad I am going to be back again with my "U" brother! fans who haven't seen you play at "The U", what are your strengths?

Jenkins:I'm going to bring to L.A. a physical presence.  A physical, imposing presence.  I'm going to be a smart player.  I'm going to be disciplined.  You are getting a playmaker in the late rounds, which is a steal in my opinion. mentioned earlier there is room for development.  What are those areas you need to improve?

Jenkins:I think just wrapping up.  In college I tended to go for the big hit all the time.  I am a big body, and feel like I can just bully people.  But this is the big leagues now, so I'll need to make sure I just go for the sure tackle., this is your first chance to talk to your new fans.  What do you want your first message to be?

Jenkins:Man, I appreciate this opportunity.  I'm extremely humbled, and glad to be a part of the Los Angeles Chargers.  I'm ready to come in and work.  Let's work toward the Super Bowl.

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