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Exclusive First Interview with Mike Williams

Shortly after the Chargers took him with the seventh-overall selection, wide receiver Mike Williams called to give his first interview as a member of the Bolts. off, congratulations*. *How does it feel to call yourself a Los Angeles Charger?

Williams:Oh, it's exciting!  It's something I've been waiting for, for so long.  Just to get that call for the team.  I can't wait to come in. LA is a great city, and I'm just looking forward to meeting the fans, the players and learning the playbook. That's the first thing I have to do, just learn the playbook.  You can't do anything unless you learn the playbook. When I get in the facility, that's my very first (goal). fans who may not be familiar with your game, what do you bring to the table?

Williams:I'm a big, physical receiver who can catch the deep ball well.  You can expect a lot of big plays.  I'm a full receiver.  I can catch in the passing game, and I am going to block in the run game. I like to block on the edge.  That's important. much contact did you have with the Chargers during the draft process?

Williams:We had a bit.  I was confident they might pick me after they worked me out.  I had a great workout with them, so I had confidence they'd take me after that. there a wide receiver you model your game after?

Williams:I'd say Randy Moss. now come in and get to team up with Philip Rivers, who ranks among the best quarterbacks in NFL history.  Could you have asked for a better situation?

Williams:Oh, it's real exciting.  He's a great quarterback and I am looking forward to getting to the facility and start catching balls from him. got some fan questions coming up.  The first is from Gil Seary who wants to know what first went through your head when you got the call from the Chargers?

Williams:When I saw they had the next pick, and then I got a call from a Cali number my heart dropped a little bit.   I knew what it was, and it was such an exciting moment for me and my family. other fan question comes from J.R. Wicker who wants to know how you will team up with players like Antonio Gates and Keenan Allen.

Williams:I'm really excited to learn from them.  With Keenan, I'm excited to have him on the other side of me as someone who can win (one-on-one).  He's going to help me learn the playbook fast, too.  It's going to be really exciting to learn and play with him., what do you want to tell your new fans in Los Angeles?

Williams: I'm excited to be coming there and can't wait to meet with the fans.  I want to be a fan favorite.  We are going to enjoy this (together).  You are getting a dominant player.                       

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