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Exclusive First Interview with LB Emeke Egbule


Moments after being selected with the 200th overall pick in the sixth round, linebacker Emeke Egbule joined for his first ever interview as a Bolt.

Question: Welcome to the NFL, Emeke. Can you even begin to describe the emotions you're feeling right now? 

Egbule: I can't. I can't even describe. I'm just happy and blessed…and ready to get to work!

Question: You join a defense now with so many playmakers. Melvin Ingram. Joey Bosa. Thomas Davis. Derwin James. Casey Hayward. I can go on and on. How familiar are you with your new teammates, and how excited are you to join such a talented team?

Egbule: I know of them well. And I can learn a lot from them (so I can be) greats like them. I'm just ready to get there and I'm ready to do it.

Question: Who is Emeke Egbule, and what kind of skillset is he bringing to the Bolts?

Egbule: Man, I can do a little bit of everything! Rush the passer. Play in the box. Play out there on the perimeter. Cover. I can do everything.

Question: All these scouting reports leading up to the draft talk about how your athleticism is off the charts…

Egbule: That's a big part of everything! You've got to be athletic. I feel like I've got more of that than most players, and it shows.

Question: If fans want to go back and turn on a game of yours at Houston from last year, which game should they turn on and why?

Egbule: Memphis. I did a little bit of everything. Rushing the passer. Playing in the box. Covering. Playing in space. I did everything that game.

Question: It can sometimes be hard to see the field as a rookie. What is it you feel you need to do to earn playing time in 2019?

Egbule: I know special teams is going to be a big part, and I've got no problem with that! I know I'm going to be a backup, so I just want to get better at that and (one day) earn a starting spot.

Question: Finally, you're the second linebacker the Chargers took today as Notre Dame's Drue Tranquill was drafted in the fourth round. How helpful can it be having another drafted linebacker to lean on during your rookie year?

Egbule: It's going to be great. That's going to help. Every day is going to be competition, and we'll push each other.

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