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Exclusive First Interview with Joey Bosa

Mere minutes after the Chargers selected him with the third overall pick, was one of the first interviews the defensive end granted.  Here is our exclusive conversation with the newest Bolt.

* *First of all, congratulations!  How does it feel to call yourself a San Diego Charger?

Bosa:Oh it's amazing. I couldn't be happier.  My family couldn't be happier. When I got the phone call, I can't put into words that feeling.  And to get to experience that with my family and friends in Chicago, which is a place I'm very familiar with, it's a dream come true.  You couldn't write it any better than this. My family and I are as close as you get.  Just sharing this moment with them, and all of us crying like babies, hugging each other and jumping around.  I can't dream of it being any better than that.  I am very emotional right now, but I'm trying to keep myself together.  This is a dream come true. My family means so much to me, and I'm happy seeing how happy and proud they are of me.

* *How much contact did you have with the Chargers during this draft process, and were you surprised by the pick?

Bosa:I had some, but definitely not the most of all the teams.  I didn't take a visit there.  I had a nice dinner before the pro day with some of the guys and coaches.  I didn't work out with them and kept in close contact, but I really didn't see this coming. It's a very pleasant surprise.  When I got that call, I think my agents knew so I am giving them (grief).  They are standing behind me probably giggling.  I was sitting next to (Laremy) Tunsil and all the cameras were on him. No cameras were on me.  So I was thinking I would be waiting.  I was hearing Dallas wasn't going to happen for me, I was hearing all this stuff and wondering how long I'd be sitting for.  I was holding my phone squeezing it as tight as I possibly can.  Then I got the call I went 'Holy Beep!' as long as I can.  Everyone started cheering.  It was just amazing.

* *Pretty much everyone knows Joey Bosa.  But for those who don't, give us a quick scouting report on who you are as a player.

Bosa:I'm just going to give San Diego everything I have every day.  I just want to get better and be the best possible player I can be.  Along with that, I want to win some games.  I don't expect anything else.  I am going to bring it every day.

* *The first non-quarterback taken.  Third overall pick.  A lot of expectations come with that.  How do you manage it?

Bosa:I have the highest expectations of myself more than anyone else.  I always strive to beat those expectations.  And like I said, I am going to give all I have every single day to be the best possible player I can be.  That's all I can possibly do. I know if I keep my same work ethic that got me to this point, I will continue to get better every year.  And along with that, we'll have great team success.

* *Is there any quarterback you've been watching for years you can't wait to get a sack on?

Bosa:I grew up a Miami Dolphins fan because my dad played for the Dolphins, so I think sacking Tom Brady will be pretty awesome (laughs).

* *How do you see yourself fitting into the Chargers' scheme as a defensive end in the hybrid 3-4 defense the Bolts run? Have they told you how they plan to use you?

Bosa:We talked a lot about me being at defensive end.  I talked to other 3-4 teams that saw me as a linebacker, but coming into this system I'll be at defensive end and it won't be that much of an adjustment.   The 4-3 and this 3-4, they are actually very similar.  It won't make a difference when you are in base 70% of the time.  So I am going to be that defensive end for them and I'll play wherever they think I'll be best.

* *A lot of people know about your high motor and ability to get to the quarterback, but you've been very successful against the run.  Do you think that flies under the radar?

Bosa:I don't think it's underrated.  A lot of the teams I met with liked that about me.  I don't want to just be a pass rusher who is told to run after the quarterback every single play. I want to be very even throughout my game.  I want to be a great run defender.  I want to be a great pass rusher. I want to be everything in between. I work on every aspect of my game and I take pride of that.

* *How much do you know about San Diego?

Bosa:I've never been there, but I've heard San Diego is the most ridiculously amazing place in the entire country. I can't wait.  Being from South Florida, I'm used to sunny weather.  But I've heard there is nothing like San Diego weather.  

* *When you think about the Chargers and the defense, what comes to mind?

Bosa:Well Junior Seau, of course.  I remember him as a legend at the linebacker position.  Coming into any team and any organization, there are always great players that come in before you.   You are just trying to continue that legacy, and I'm thankful and grateful to carry on that legacy.     

* *Finally, this is your first chance to speak to the fans of San Diego.  What do you want your message to be?

Bosa:I'm ready to get there!  I'm ready to give you every single ounce of energy and passion I've got.  I'm just ready to be the best player I can be and win some games for you guys.

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