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Exclusive First Interview with Isaac Rochell

Seconds after being picked by the Bolts, offensive tackle Isaac Rochell called to give his first interview as a member of his new team: waited a long time to hear your name called, and not many get that honor.  What has this whole day been like for you? What is it like to say you are a Los Angeles Charger in the National Football League?

Rochell:It's unreal.  The biggest thing is the opportunity and the blessing. To play for such a cool franchise like the Chargers is super exciting.  I was about to leave (my draft party) to get my mind off of things because it had been super stressful.  I was on my way out the door and then you guys called me.  I was so excited.  Like I said, it's a great opportunity and a blessing. are coming to a team that drafted a defensive lineman who became Rookie of the Year in Joey Bosa.  Do you expect to play on the outside like he does up front or more in the middle?

Rochell:I think we will find out.  I think I will play mainly inside, and that is comfortable.  I see myself there, but whatever they need me to do I can do.  I am comfortable wherever they want to put me. would you say is the biggest strength of your game?

Rochell:Versatility.  Like I said, if they want to play me inside I can do that but also go outside and do well. I think a lot of players don't necessarily have that versatility, so it's a big thing that I bring. look at this defense and not only are you joining Joey Bosa, but also Brandon Mebane up front and Pro Bowlers in Jason Verrett and Casey Hayward on the backend.  How exciting is it to now be able to call them your teammates?

Rochell:I'm super excited to call them that. It's another opportunity to bond and build camaraderie.  I want to pick their brain as much as I can. Anything they tell me I am going to take in and use to my benefit, and the benefit of my team. Dame is a pretty special program.  How did it prepare you for this next step?

Rochell:They prepared me a lot for the NFL.  Not just on the football field, but socially.  They set me up to be successful at the next level. there a player you try to emulate? Someone you model your game after?

Rochell:I have to say J.J. Watt is someone I look up to.  He plays with such a motor and does all the little things right.  So he's the guy. do you need to work on at the next level?

Rochell:I just think I have to work on being a better pass rusher.  I think I have an all-around skillset, and given the right coaching and opportunity I can have a chance to shine in that regard.  But at the end of the day, being a football player is a craft that you have to continuously work on.  I'm going to work on everything, but that is what I want to focus on., what do you want to tell your new fans out there?

Rochell:Just know I am going to grind.  I'm a lunch-pail guy that is going to go after it and work hard.  I want to make myself and the team as good as we possibly can be. 

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