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Exclusive First Interview with Dylan Cantrell

Shortly after the Chargers took him in the sixth round, wide receiver Dylan Cantrell called to give his exclusive first interview as a member of the Bolts. First things first, congratulations.  What's it like to call yourself a Los Angeles Charger?

Cantrell:It was a long day waiting and just seeing what happened, but I couldn't be happier.  Especially to keep it in the Texas Tech family!  I know head coach is a former Red Raider, so that's awesome.  This is a dream come true.  I'm just blessed and honored to have this opportunity.  I'm excited to get out to L.A.  I've never even been out there, so I'm excited to get out there, see it for the first time and get to work. It's also not bad to have a certain future Hall of Famer throwing you the ball in Philip Rivers, is it?

Cantrell:No doubt.  Just seeing the stats, they were posting on the screen, and how he was second in the NFL last year in passing yards and leading the NFL in passing yards per game. This is not a bad spot to be for an offensive player, especially a receiver.  So again, I'm excited to get out there and get to work. What are the Chargers getting in you?  What kind of player is Dylan Cantrell?

Cantrell:They are going to get a guy who is consistent and comes to work every single day.  I'm real big in the locker room in just trying to be a good teammate.  I think that's where it starts; building those relationships in the building.  I try to focus on being a great teammate.  My motto's been outworking everybody in everything that I do.  And also, learn from the veterans.  Have my head down, not say too much and learn from those vets to figure out how to be a pro.  When I get my opportunity, make the most of it and do whatever I can to help the team win. What are the strengths of your game?

Cantrell:I'm big, and I'm faster than people think.  I'm explosive and I can catch.  My dad always told me growing up that it doesn't matter how big, fast or strong you are; if you can catch everything that they throw to you, then it's hard for them to say anything (bad).  So that's always been my thing.  Just try to catch every ball that comes my way.  So I have a good catch radius.  But also, special teams is big with me.  I take it very seriously, and I know the impact it can have on the game.  My motto is the more you can do, and anything I can do on that field, that's what I'm going to do. What do you know about the receiving group you're about to join here in L.A.?

Cantrell:I know Philip has had success with big bodied guys, but I'm not real familiar yet with the Chargers and everything they do. I saw Keenan Allen tear it up a few times last year, though.  And Mike Williams, I know he had some injuries last year, but he was seventh overall last year and I know his playmaking ability is unbelievable.  But like I said I'm just going to go in there, learn from them, soak up as much information as I can and go to work every single day.  I'm looking forward to this opportunity. Were you aware of the Chargers' interest in you?  How much contact did you have with them?

Cantrell: It's funny because I didn't have a whole lot!  It was one of those weird things where I talked to a lot of teams last week where they were just seeing my draft day information and stuff like that.  But I hadn't talked to the Chargers a whole lot so it was a good surprise for me as well! So what was that moment like when the phone rang?  What's happening?  What's going on?

Cantrell:It was actually my mom's phone because they couldn't get through on my phone for some reason.  So my mom came running outside because I was outside in the yard with some of my family members just hanging out.  My mom came running outside and said there was a team on the line for me.  She didn't know who it was, but I got on there and it was the Chargers. So I said I better get ready to get out to the west coast!  It's a dream come true.  This is why you play football.  It's a dream as a kid, all around the country kids dream about this.  To get this opportunity and see the hard work you put in pay off, it's awesome.  I'm not taking it for granted. I know how big of privilege it is so I'm excited to get to work. What do you want your first message to Chargers fans to be?

Cantrell:I'm going to try to be the best person on and off the field.  I was blessed with parents who raised me the right way with how to conduct myself on and off the field. I love reaching out to fans and getting out in the community. Doing everything I can to help.  We did that a lot in college so that's one thing I'm going to take to the league as well. You're going to get a consistent, hard-working, do-it-all type of guy.  I don't have a big ego at all and I don't think I'm too big to do anything.  I'll do anything I can do.  Special teams, offense, whatever I can do to help the team, I'm down for it.

Take a look at the Chargers' sixth round pick, WR Dylan Cantrell, of Texas Tech

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