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Exclusive First Interview with Dan Feeney

Shortly after being selected 71st overall in the third round, we spoke with Indiana guard Dan Feeney to get the lowdown on joining the Bolts. what is that moment like when the phone rings, you pick it up and it's the Los Angeles Chargers on the other end?

Feeney: Geeze, it's like your heart stops for a second!  It almost skips a beat and you're awestruck because all this hard work you've put in paid off.  It just comes at you really fast.  It's almost like you're waking up.  It's a dream come true you've had since you were a little kid. It's a once in a lifetime experience and I'm just glad the Chargers are giving me a chance. What's it like to be drafted to a team as an offensive lineman that has a potential Hall of Famer at quarterback in Philip Rivers, a Pro Bowl running back in Melvin Gordon and guys like Keenan Allen and Mike Williams at wide receiver?

Feeney:Well, someone has to block for them!  I'm just going to do my job and help the team win any way I can.  If I have to get Philip Rivers water, I'll do it.  I'm just excited to be a Charger and excited for this opportunity. What's the number one thing you bring to this team?

Feeney: Nastiness. You're lining up to another "nasty" guy in Matt Slauson, and also have a Pro Bowl tackle there in Russell Okung.  How do you go about assimilating yourself into this team, and more importantly, this offensive line?

Feeney: They're nasty guys and I'm all about that.  I hang around those guys like myself because we strive for greatness in everything that we do.  I'm going to follow the best guard in the locker room and get under his wing almost like a little kid.  I'll follow them around.  See them when they get in the hot tub.  See where they eat and what they eat. do you need to work on at the next level?

Feeney: A little combination of my hands and not leaning forward.  Sometimes, I'll get a little too headstrong and lean a little too much.  I need to get more accurate with my hands; more powerful.  I think that will definitely take my game to the next level. thought you would be a high pick last year, but you decided to go back to Indiana.  Why?

Feeney: I wanted to step up my game.  I wanted to be more well rounded, and it showed this year.  I went out and played tackle, and it showed my versatility.  I was snapping since the seventh game of the season. I never got any reps in the game, but I'm trying to be as versatile as I can so the team can use me in any way they see fit. do you want your message to your new fan base to be?

Feeney: We are about to take L.A. to a whole other level!

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