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ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr., Todd McShay Name Top Choices for Seventh Overall Pick

With the Los Angeles Chargers picking seventh in the 2017 NFL Draft, here are the 25 most recent players selected with the number seven overall pick.

Many consider ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. to be the forthright authority when it comes to all things NFL Draft.

In fact, many credit him with helping put the draft on the map as a landmark event decades ago.

On his “First Draft” podcast released this week, Kiper was asked what he would do when the Chargers are on the clock with the seventh overall selection. Placed in General Manager Tom Telesco's shoes, here is what he had to say about the options:

"Well, protecting Philip Rivers is front and center.  So an offensive tackle (has to be in consideration), but it is too early for that. Getting another weapon at wide receiver, Keenan Allen has not obviously been able to stay healthy.  So a wide receiver (is an option but it's) too early for that. Then you look, do they go safety? Do they go with a Malik Hooker? Is Jamal Adams there at that point? Probably not.  So it is a team that doesn't really have positional need working in unison with where the best players are in this draft. Again, here is a team that at seven that could look to (trade) down a little bit unless they feel the safety from Ohio State is a guy to look at there. If they want an offensive lineman, you move down. If you want a wide receiver you probably move down a little bit."

Meanwhile, fellow ESPN draftnik Todd McShay believes the Chargers should take a long, hard look at both safeties at the number seven spot:

"Safety, you can make an argument for though. I think Malik Hooker, that is a position that if Malik Hooker is there or Jamal Adams, why wouldn't you? To me it just makes sense…Yeah, I would love to move down just about all the time to get extra picks and all that, but if they can't, I think safety is a good choice. Let's give credit to Tom Telesco, their GM, and Kevin Kelly, their director of college scouting. They did a heck of a job last year, and it is starting to look like the last couple of drafts. Jason Verrett from 2014. Melvin Gordon came on last year and was a totally different back than his rookie year. You just mentioned the whole 2016 class and what they got out of that group. So while quarterback in the long-term is an issue, I think they need to really continue to work on the back end because this team has some good young players but how long are they going to get play at the quarterback position? It is going to be interesting to see how this all plays out."

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