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Denzel Perryman Excited for What "OG" Thomas Davis Brings to the Bolts


Denzel Perryman cried tears of joy after putting pen to paper on a two-year deal.

He boasted an ear-to-ear grin you wouldn't think could possibly grow wider over returning to the Bolts.

Then he heard the news Thomas Davis was joining the Chargers.

His smile somehow grew a bit wider.

After all, Davis is not only one of the top linebackers of the past decade, he's someone Perryman's admired since he was a teenager.

"Thomas Davis, he's an OG in this league," Perryman said. "When he got in the league, I was still in middle school! I'm excited, man! I'm looking forward to working with him, and I know I'm going to learn a lot from him."

What impressed Perryman even more is how the 35-year old Davis is still on top of his game. Turn on any film from last year and you'll see him fly to the ball, chasing down ball carries with the best of them.

Thus, Perryman stressed he's eager to pick his newest teammate's brain repeatedly as he looks to bolster his own game.

"I really want to know what he's looking at," number 52 said. "What he sees and how; when. Obviously, he's been in the league for 15 years. He's been in the game for a while, so he's seen some things where if I start looking at it, it can make things easier for me. And he's also been down the injury road, so I can ask him how he's bounced back from that. I just know I'm going to learn a lot about this game from him."

The Davis news was just the cherry on top of what's been a memorable few days for the Bolts' former second-round pick. He was set to be a free agent, yet yearned to return to the Bolts.

It didn't take long to learn the Chargers felt the exact same way.

As Perryman explains, it didn't take long at all for the two sides to come to an agreement.

"I literally cried after I signed," he explained. "It was an emotional moment for me. For them to bring me back shows they have faith in me. That they support me. That they believe in me. So I'm very excited. So, like I always say, stay tuned."

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