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Dear Mama | By Adrian Phillips


Dear Mama,

Mother's Day is recognition for only one day out of the year, but I recognize you now and always for the rest of my life.

I can't imagine a life growing up without you in it.

Thank you for loving Byron and me unconditionally.

Thank you for teaching us right from wrong.

Thank you teaching us how to be grateful for the ups and downs.

Ever since I was a kid you've been pushing me to be the best PERSON I can be outside of football because it's so much more than that.

You've never cared about the accolades, only the journey.

But the truth is, I wouldn't be where I am today without you. I wouldn't be who I am as a person or as a player.

From undrafted to Pro Bowl and All-Pro, you've believed in me from day one.

You taught me what to value most in life and my vision has been clear ever since.

It would take me 100 years to match the love and support you've given to me. I hope you enjoy your wonderful day.

I love you,



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