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Daniel Jeremiah Goes In-Depth on Bolts' Draft Plans and More


Is there anyone better suited to talk about the Chargers' draft possibilities than Daniel Jeremiah?

Not only does he serve as the Bolts' radio analyst, he's also the NFL Network's chief draft expert.

Since we're exactly four weeks to the day that the draft kicks off, now's the perfect time to check in with Jeremiah to get his thoughts on what the Chargers might be thinking, as well as what they've done thus far this offseason.

Overall, every team wants to draft toward the bottom of the first round as that means you're fresh off a successful season. That's certainly the case for the Chargers as their 12-4 record tied for the best in the AFC, and their run to the Divisional Round of the playoffs have them picking 28th come April 28.

However, often times there can be a dearth of talent compared to the prospects available early on.

Well, the good news for the Bolts is that Jeremiah believes this is a year where owning a selection in the late 20s can land a player as good as one going 10-15 picks earlier.

"There's a group of 12-13 guys that most teams are going to have at the top in some order or fashion," he explained. "After that, honestly, from 14 through 45, everyone is going to have those players in all sorts of different orders. So, if you are picking at 28, there is a chance you are getting your 17th overall ranked player depending on what you're looking for. I think they may be pleasantly surprised. It's tough to predict for the Chargers what three of four guys are going to be there when they're on the clock. Good luck with that. There's no way to know who is going to be available. But I think the chances are pretty high they are going to get someone they have as a top 20 talent at 28."


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So, what position might the Chargers look to bolster with that pick?

While General Manager Tom Telesco has a track record of taking the best available talent, based on the prospects available in the year's class, Jeremiah offered some thoughts on how things may play out.

"When I look at the different positions, I think if there is an offensive tackle that they love, that may be a high priority because there are some good ones," he said. "Same with free safety. They have some decisions to make. They brought back some bodies like Jaylen Watkins, but I still think there is an opportunity in this class for them to find a true free safety which allows Derwin James to spend a little more time closer to the line of scrimmage. I think that would be a nice place to look. And I think defensive tackle is another spot. Finding someone that can penetrate inside and disrupt from the interior. There are a lot of those in this year's draft. So those would be the positions they might end up being able to target."

Meanwhile, Jeremiah wouldn't be shocked to see the Chargers land a wideout in the middle rounds. There is a wealth of talent at the position, and he believes LA may opt to take advantage of it.

"There is plenty of depth at receiver," he explained. "With Tyrell (Williams) gone, you probably want to bring a wide receiver into the mix at some point in time. There are some good players there in the middle rounds you'd want to look at. That's a good group."

On the flip side, there are always positions each year considered weaker than others. For Jeremiah, that's the inside linebacker spot, which is why he is such a big fan of the team's decision to bring back Denzel Perryman.

"To me, if you don't get one of the two Devins early (Bush and White), I don't think there's a lot of depth there," he said. "So, I think Tom did a great job getting him locked up. When you look at the linebacker crop in free agency, and the lack of (depth) in the draft; man, that's pretty good value getting him back. And they know exactly how he fits in and what they're buying."

Another linebacker the Bolts inked in free agency is Thomas Davis, who spent his first 13 seasons with the Carolina Panthers before beginning his 14th in Los Angeles. Jeremiah was a scout for the Baltimore Ravens when Davis was merely a draft prospect, and while he is now 36 years old, still sees the same impressive athleticism that made him such a coveted high-round pick back in 2005.

"He was so explosive and athletic coming out, and obviously as you get older you lose some of that and rely on your instincts and intelligence," he said. "But, Thomas Davis being 70-percent of what he was as a young player is still a (high-end) starting caliber players. And then there's his leadership. That's one of his calling cards coming out. And now you have all the experience, the Pro Bowls and the playoffs. All the other things he's got under his belt.  I think he'll be good on a defense that has some exciting stars to have him around."

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