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Dan Feeney on Sharing a Huddle with Philip Rivers

Tennessee Titans at Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, October 21, 2018 in London, England. Final score: TEN 19 - LAC 20

Chargers offensive guard Dan Feeney was a guest on episode No. 11 of the Backstage: Chargers Podcast presented by Toyota.

Among the topics: the overall play of the offensive line in 2018, being in a huddle with quarterback Philip Rivers, opening holes for running back Melvin Gordon, growing up outside of Chicago and how his grandmother sparked his love for football.

Highlights from the conversation are below:

On sharing a huddle with Rivers:

"His experience and his knowledge of the game is unmatched. When he's out there, he takes control of the huddle. He takes control of everything and it's crazy to see how the game plays out in his head from outside looking in. He can dissect a defense. He can do so many things so fast and it's like, 'Holy cow, this guy is on another level,' and for him to be able to change plays and runs and schemes and formations in seconds is incredible. … He's business. He's fun. I mean, he's everything you need. It's like having another coach, a dad and like everything. … It's awesome, cause he's just a great guy."

On the ability to move on quickly to the next game:

"I mean, we're staying hungry. That's a big thing that Coach (Anthony) Lynn has been instilling in us. It's, 'OK, you won or you lost. Watch the tape, make the corrections (and) move on.' That's the biggest thing, you got to have a short-term memory in this game, especially in the trenches. Each play, you could be like, 'Ah, dang (I) didn't make that block,' but it's like, 'Hey, we're right back out here. You got to make the next block.' … So, you got to be able to move on and have a short memory about stuff like that."

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