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Chargers QB Justin Herbert on Overcoming Adversity, Meeting New Teammates, and More


The Chargers and CBS2 held the first of a two-night "Meet The 2020 Draft Class" virtual event on Wednesday with quarterback Justin Herbert and wide receivers Joe Reed and KJ Hill.

Tune in to or on Thursday at 7 p.m. Pacific to hear from linebacker Kenneth Murray, running back Joshua Kelley and safety Alohi Gilman, along with CBS2's Jim Hill. Highlights from Wednesday's event are below.

Herbert on overcoming adversity in college

"When I first showed up at Oregon, Oregon has historically had a lot of success. They were in the national championship a couple years ago, and my first year we went 4-8. I came in midway through the year and our coaches ended up leaving and had a new coach the next year, and then the next year after that we had another coach. So, we went through three different offenses, bunch of different strength and conditioning programs, couple broken collarbones, some injuries like that.

"We just went through a lot, and so from 4-8 to 12-2 and winning the Rose Bowl, we had a core group of guys that stuck through it, stayed together, and it could have gone a bunch of different ways but just to be around those guys and to go through everything we did was really great."

Herbert on connecting with his new teammates

"I've had the chance to lift with some of those guys, some of the offensive linemen, (a) couple receivers, and just being around those guys is cool – and just to get to know them. And so, I know one day we'll go out here really soon and start throwing the ball around. So, whenever these guys show up, I'm looking forward to it. It's definitely helped us so far."

Reed on what he brings to the Chargers

"When I'm studying plays, I try to study each and every position. I feel like I'm a guy that you can put literally anywhere in the offense. I take pride in knowing where each guy is lining up – what each guy has to do – because I never know when something might happen, somebody might go down and I can jump in and just play ball. I really like just playing football whether it's inside, outside, in the backfield; and on top of that I love changing the game on special teams. So, whatever phase that might be, special teams can be a huge game changer for our team."

Reed on his Chargers teammates in the wide receivers and running backs room

"That's the thing that I've really been doing, watching these guys. I've been watching a lot of film on all the guys you just named, seeing their play styles, seeing what works best for them in this system. And just getting out there and being able to line up beside them and compete with them, it's going to be very exciting for me."

Hill on what is was like to get drafted by the Chargers

"Man, it was a dream come true. I always dreamed of my name getting called, even just seeing my phone ring. … It was with my family, so it was one of the best moments of my life."

Hill on learning the Chargers playbook virtually

"You got to make the most of it. You just adapt to the situations, but I feel like learning this way is going have me have it down pat. I'm a kind of guy that (needs) to go out and move through it, get that muscle memory of plays and stuff like that, but I feel like just learning like I was in a classroom will help me learn the plays even more."

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