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Chargers Legends Surprise Fans in the UK 


It's been 10 years, but the Bolts are back in the UK.

In anticipation of the game this Sunday, the team is hosting events at The Admiralty pub in London where Chargers fans from all over the world can get together to share their love of the team with each other.

On Thursday, those fans got the surprise of a lifetime when they were greeted by Chargers Legends LaDainian Tomlinson and Donnie Edwards.

"This is pretty cool to see all these fans from all different parts of the world," Edwards said. "I mean, these guys come in for this week's game! It's awesome. Fans who have never even been to L.A. and seen the Chargers play, but they're fans here which is great."

"It's great that I could come out here and really expose the people to our team, not only our game, but our team and what they can expect to see from our players," Tomlinson added. "Anytime you can talk about the great group of guys that we have – I mean we have a great group of men on our team, guys that are doing fantastic things, not only on the field, that's a given, but are fantastic people off the field. So if I can come here and expose our guys to these fans, I'm happy to do it."

Tomlinson was on the Chargers the last time they played in London back in 2008. When talking with some of the fans, he learned that many of them started following the Bolts because of that game. He truly was touched knowing the reason they do what they do, is for them.

"Just to see all of these Charger fans and jerseys and people saying that, 'Hey, I became a Chargers fan back in 2008 when you guys were here,' it really means a lot because this is the reason we play the game – for the fans," he mentioned. "They mean a lot. To have their support makes us play harder (and) it makes us want to win for them so hopefully we get a win on Sunday."

The experience was just as special for the Legends as it was for the fans. Getting to interact with fans who came from Norway, Canada or the "home base" in London, they hope they'll get as loud on Sunday to cheer on a Bolts win over the Titans as they were in the pub on Thursday.

"The atmosphere here is great," Edwards remarked. "I think everybody's really pumped up and excited. It's only Thursday now, so it's kind of building towards Sunday which is great. Hopefully they're going to be rowdy like they were tonight on Sunday."

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