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Chargers and Tyson Foods Continuing Partnership to Help Fight Hunger


In support of Giving Tuesday, the Los Angeles Chargers and Spanos family teamed up with Tyson Foods and Lift Up America to help distribute more than 15 tons of protein donated to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

"Even though we just celebrated Thanksgiving, we all know the fight against hunger never ends," said Chargers Legend LaDainian Tomlinson. "We've got much, much more work to do to accomplish our goal of everyone in this country not going hungry. The Chargers are so proud to be out here with Lift Up America, Tyson Foods and, of course, the L.A. Regional Food Bank."

"Over the last 20 years, the food insecurity in America continues to grow, and the need for food for people who don't have enough to make it through the day is something that's very, very important," added Dave Hannah, Founder of Lift Up America. "Those of us that can eat three meals a day can't even appreciate what many people face in America today."

The partnership between the Chargers and Lift Up America dates back more than a decade. Since Lift Up America partnered with Tyson Foods in 2004, they've given away over 30-million servings of Tyson product.

Tomlinson was joined by current Chargers Geremy Davis, Austin Ekeler, Dan Feeney, Artavis Scott and Scott Quessenberry to help unload food to local community agencies. The pros were joined by preps as local high school football players from Carson, Segerstrom and Paramount High School also participated.

"Some of the events like this, these are my favorite ones, where you're giving back to the community because you see people's faces light up and things of that nature," Ekeler said. "Especially for what we've got going on today, just the volume of how much we're giving away is pretty special."

December is the season of giving, so what better time to give back than now? According to Michael Flood, CEO of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, they are able to feed more than 300,000 people each month.

"You've got to help the people who need it the most," Feeney mentioned. "Especially now with December coming up where you're trying to give back, you're trying to do as much as you can and help as many people as you can. I was excited to get out here with Scott (Quessenberry) and the rest of the other guys were as well. I think it was a great time. I think we helped a lot of people today."

The Chargers and the Chargers Community Foundation help build healthy communities for our region's youth. For more information, **follow @ChargersCR on Twitter**.

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