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Brandon Facyson Proving to be a "Hell of a Player"


Growing up, Brandon Facyson had two dreams:

Go to medical school.

Play in the NFL.

Although the former double major at Virginia Tech became enamored with science when he was in junior high, he realized medical school will "always be there" which is why he chose to pursue his dream of making his mark in the league.

On Saturday, he got the text of a lifetime finding out he'd be fulfilling that dream full-time.

"It was a dream come true," Facyson said. "Everybody goes through things and that's what makes them, them; certain situations define that person. Over the years, I've had the ups and the downs, everyone goes through them, but you've got to keep finding a way to push through those things. When I got the text that I was a part of the 53-man roster, it meant the world to me. I called my mom and my dad immediately. I had my friends calling me every five seconds, and it was a dream come true."

At 6-2 197-pounds, Facyson was once projected to be a first or second day pick in the draft. But a series of leg injuries derailed his development and forced the cornerback to stay in school through the 2017 season. He finished his career at Virginia Tech amassing 131 tackles, nine tackles for loss, 44 passes defensed, five interceptions and three forced fumbles. While he admits going through what he did wasn't easy, it shaped him into the player he is today.

"You have to just get up and not be mad about it anymore. You've just got to get back to work, and that's how I took every single day. Throughout the injuries, I never let that stop me. I never let anything stop me, so it was a dream come true that this all happened."

Facyson used his size and length to end the preseason with a pair of passes defensed and an interception. He predicates his game on "toughness" and the ability to "diagnose plays". Additionally, just like he was while in class as a Hokie, he admits he's a student of the game. 

As for his goals his rookie season? Keep grinding and show why the Chargers taking a chance on him will pay off.

"Just be a playmaker and ballhawk I know I am. I want to continue to do the little things right and be a better player every single day. I want to continue to show my coaches and teammates they picked up a hell of a player."

Presenting your 2018 Los Angeles Chargers.

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