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Bolts React to Philip Rivers' 'Mind-Boggling' Performance


Philip Rivers authored a performance for the ages, completing his first 25 passes to set several NFL records including completions in a single game while tying the longest multi-game streak in league annals. He also set an NFL record for completion percentage in a single game (96.6) for any quarterback who attempted at least 20 passes.

As you may expect, his teammates had plenty to say about his epic day.

In fact, Joey Bosa tried to get a certain chant going while Rivers was completing pass after pass.

"It was unbelievable," he said. "We were cheering. The 25th was the one to Keenan (Allen) on the sideline, and (when) he missed one, I was giving him a little hard time about it. I made a three second attempt to get an MVP chant going on the sideline for Phil. It's unbelievable. I don't care what anybody says about him. He's my quarterback and I'm really happy to have him back there."

As Bosa said, Allen was on the receiving end of the historic 25th completion, somehow tapping both feet in-bounds to haul in a four-yard TD pass midway through the third quarter.

However, KA13 had no idea how big a catch it proved to be.

"That was me?" he said when he found out. "Oh that's nice. That's dope. 25 out of 25 in a row is special, and then to go three more (with just one incompletion) is just dope. It speaks volumes to Phil, the focus that he has and how in-tune he was…. He told us before the game he was going to ball out, and that is what he did. He wanted to come back off last week and bounce back."

Mike Williams also had some eye-popping catches to keep Rivers' streak going, and he too lauded the way number 17 was slinging the rock.

"He's a baller," he said. "Hall of Famer. He gives us opportunities. He makes everything easier for us as receivers…. Phil puts up the ball for me to go make a play, and I'm just going up and making it."

Meanwhile, Adrian Phillips noted how "mind-boggling" the performance was, but quickly explained why he wasn't shocked by it.

"The crazy thing is, it didn't even surprise me!" he said. "That's what we see him do all the time, so when we see all those completions, it's like it's more surprising when he doesn't complete a ball. But it was (even more) impressive today."

Finally, Head Coach Anthony Lynn has played with and coached some of the top quarterbacks to ever play the game.

Still, he'd never quite seen a performance like the one Rivers authored on Sunday.

"He was hot," Lynn said. "Guys were protecting up front (and) guys were getting open, too. They were separating and making catches…. They all contributed today, but you can't say enough about Philip and what he did today because when you prepare the way he prepares, you're going to have some days like this."

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