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Bolts Offense Finding Chemistry on the Field


Three touchdowns for Mike Williams, 335 combined rushing yards for Austin Ekeler and Melvin Gordon, 906 passing yards for Philip Rivers and a fifth-ranked offense in the league.

It's only three games into the season, but the Bolts offense is finding their groove quickly and it's thanks to having a largely versatile, high-powered group of players who Rivers says are equally unselfish.

"I think that's where we're unique offensively," Rivers remarked. "We have so many dynamic guys that can touch the ball on any given play. … Anybody can get it on any play. Do we draw up plays where we're trying to throw the ball to Keenan (Allen) here, yeah. This one we're trying to get it to Mike, this one we're trying to get to Travis (Benjamin), this one to Ekeler, this one to Melvin, this one to (Antonio) Gates, I mean we have a lot of guys. It's a slippery slope if you start trying to put guys everywhere to push the ball their way. I think you mix it within our scheme. And some weeks it might be a Mike Williams two touchdown day and other weeks it may be somebody else. I think our guys appreciate that. It's an unselfish group, but I think they understand that's how it works best and that's how in the long run it helps each of them…"

So far through three games, the Chargers have recorded 82 points and 1246 total yards – an average of 415.3 yards-per-game. Last year at this point, the team recorded 48 points and 946 total yards (315 avg.) and had yet to seal a victory.

While there have been new additions to the offense this year, notably Virgil Green and Mike Pouncey, Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt says that the line being together for a second year and knowing the scheme is helping with the on-field chemistry. But of course, there are still things to improve.

"It'd be hard to say you're pleased about anything when you haven't won all three games," Whisenhunt said. "But the thing that I would say we're pleased with how the guys are working. We're doing some good things especially in the run game, we're doing some good things protection-wise. I mean we can always do better, we've got to start games better than we've been starting them, but the way the line's coming and working together, I'm pleased with how all that group's going."

Rivers echoed Whisenhunt's sentiments, adding that he can tell this is beginning to feel like what he knows is a first-rate offense.

"The best offenses we've had in my time here have been very balanced – not to say that we haven't had big days throwing the ball and some days running it – but very balanced," Rivers said. "That's what it feels like right now. We're really complementing the run and the pass and we're getting a lot of first downs."

The Chargers take the practice field in preparation for Week 4 versus the San Francisco 49ers.

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