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Bolts Earn Props for "ASAP" Mentality



Any squad, any place.

No better expression summed up the 2018 Los Angeles Chargers; a mantra coined by Melvin Ingram that the players and coaches personified.

But after spending a week in Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine, national NFL experts and pundits also praised the phrase, noting how it cultivated character for the team.

"They were impressive, and one of their (philosophies) was 'We can play anywhere,'" NFL Network's Mike Garafolo recalled. "'We can win on the road, we can win in London, we can win anywhere.' That's impressive. That's hard to do in this league, and I thought that was really important for them to show it to themselves and show it to folks around the league. To me, when I look at the 2018 season, that's my biggest takeaway."

Last season, the Bolts made the playoffs for the first time since 2013. 

The ASAP mentality rang true as they won seven regular season games on the road – including a match across the pond in London. They also took it to the playoffs, beating the Baltimore Ravens to get to the Divisional Round.

"They had a real identity," mentioned MMQB's Albert Breer. "The toughness Anthony Lynn has brought over the last two years just jumps off the screen at you. I think it was a pretty serious step forward…. You certainly look at the roster and where they're at, you see a bright future there."

But as good as this team was in 2018, experts around the league feel they can take another step forward in 2019. Although it can be hard to carry momentum over from one year to the next, pundits feel the Bolts only need a few minor tweaks to be in good position for what's in store in 2019.

"They key is going to be a quick start," mentioned Alex Marvez. "The Chargers will win the AFC West if they're able to get to 3-1 in the month of September. For whatever reason, this has been a slow-starting team…but I think that's a significant key…. But honestly, outside of a (potential) Melvin Gordon contract extension, there's really not a lot of holes where you say, 'Wow, the Chargers have this thing that's a true deficiency.' They're not at that stage, which is an incredible testimony to the Spanoses, Tom Telesco and Anthony Lynn."

"The Chargers were right there (in 2018)," added Mike Florio. "I think if they can win those key late season games that (could) deliver the division title and the one-seed. We're in for some great years with the Charger and the Chiefs…if (they can nab) that one extra win, they're that close, I think they can do it."


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