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Anthony Lynn on "Welcoming Chaos" in Unprecedented 2020 Season

With rookies arriving last week and veterans reporting this week, training camp is officially here.

Although camp as we know it is a thing of the past. The same goes for the upcoming 2020 season. While so much is unknown, every day seems like its own game, with adjustments needing to be made on the fly.

On Wednesday, Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn spoke with the media and discussed the differences 2020 has presented thus far, how the team is adapting to those changes, what agreeing to terms on a contract extension with Joey Bosa means, and more.

On "Welcoming Chaos" During Camp and Season

"Every day has been different; it's chaos. We're going to have to welcome chaos this year because if you can't adapt and change, you're going to struggle. I don't think there's any team in the league that's more ready to do that than this team right here. That's something that we're going to have to welcome and we're going to have to think about a lot and continue to reemphasize with our players (about) the protocols and just how different this year is going to be.  The goal has not changed. The objective has not changed … We haven't played a football season during a pandemic, so we have a lot of protocols and our guys I think will take them very seriously. I believe the teams that do that the best will have an advantage."

"Basically, you have two opponents this year. You have your schedule, and you have COVID-19. Both game plans are equally important, COVID-19 might be more even more important. Whoever can execute these game plans the best, and whoever shows the most discipline, personal responsibility and leadership I think will have an advantage this year. I like the character and make-up of this team but as coaches and leaders in this organization, we'll have to continually emphasize those things if we're going to keep everyone safe and play football."

On What the Team May Do Differently to Evaluate Younger Players with No Preseason

"We have a plan. Especially with not having preseason games and evaluating a lot of these players we haven't seen before. We're going to have to create more game-type experiences and that environment in practice, and these 'gotta have it' periods where we try to put guys in those situations often. We'll probably do more things like that and be a little more dynamic since we're going to have more practices and no preseason games. We'll be creative in how we do that and that input comes from the whole entire coaching staff."

On Agreeing to Terms with Joey Bosa on an Extension

"It makes me feel good that Joey's tied down for a little while and we know he's going to be a Charger and we're all excited about that … (Getting the extension completed before the season is) one less distraction you have to deal with. Any time you can do that, I think it's great."

On Tyrod Taylor

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"(With) his work ethic and the way he prepares, (him not starting recently) isn't an issue with me. I felt like at any time last year if we needed him to step in and play, I felt like he could have; his team felt like he could have … (He's taken) less hits, he's healthier, he feels good and I think he's ready to go."

"I think Tyrod is a great example for (Easton Stick and Justin Herbert.) His work ethic and his communication skills with his teammates I believe is outstanding. Justin's a little bit of an introvert, and Tyrod is really like that himself, but he has the respect of every man in that locker room. That's hard to do sometimes when you're really not that outspoken. But Tyrod has the skillset where he's able to communicate and get across to his teammates and they look up to him. (He's) just the perfect guy I think for Justin to sit behind and watch and learn and grow."

On Justin Herbert's Development

"You can't make up the physical reps he would have had, but he's had a lot of experience. He's a four-year (player) in college. You can't teach experience and hopefully that'll carry over in this league, the things he did in college. But we're going to get him ready the best we can. (Quarterbacks coach) Pep Hamilton's doing a hell of a job with him right now every day in the walk throughs we've had, and Justin is picking things up, helping his teammates, and getting better each and every day. I like what I've seen from him so far."

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