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2016 Combine: Scouting the Linebackers


40-Yard Dash

  1. Darron Lee (Ohio State) – 4.47
  2. Travis Feeney (Washington) – 4.50
  3. De'Vondre Campbell (Minnesota)  - 4.58
  4. Deion Jones (LSU) – 4.59
  5. Leonard Floyd (Georgia) – 4.60

Bench Press

  1. B.J. Goodson (Clemson) – 30
  2. Raphael Kirby (Miami) - 27
  3. Eric Striker (Oklahoma), Stephen Weatherly (Vanderbilt) -23 
  4. Blake Martinez (Stanford), Tyler Matakevich (Temple), Gionni Paul (Utah), Joe Schobert (Wisconsin), Scooby Wright III (Arizona - 22

Vertical Jump

  1. Travis Feeney (Washington) –40.0
  2. Leonard Floyd (Georgia) – 39.5
  3. Devante Bond (Oklahoma) – 37.5
  4. Jordan Jenkins (Georgia) – 36.5
  5. Darron Lee (Ohio State) – 35.5

Broad Jump

  1. Darron Lee (Ohio State) – 11'1"
  2. Travis Feeney (Washington) –10'10"
  3. Leonard Floyd (Georgia) – 10'7"
  4. Joshua Perry (Ohio State) – 10'4"
  5. Montese Overton (East Carolina) – 10'3"


UCLA LB Myles Jack

On medical examination of his injured knee..

"They were pretty blunt. They were pretty up front as far as moving my knee, twisting it. But everything was fine. It's pretty much what I expected. My agent told me they were going to be really aggressive with it and just trying to kind of make it hurt to see if it was hurt. But it was fine."

On where he is projected to play…

"I've heard safety, Mike, SAM, WIL, inside backer. Some teams joked about running back. I don't think they were serious about that, but I've heard it all pretty much in the back seven."

On his role at UCLA…

"My role at UCLA, they really used me off the ball in covering everything. Really being off the ball and running and chasing things down. I've been working on my pass rush since I've been there. We practiced it at UCLA and then kind of when I've been at Fischer Sports Institute, I've been working with Thurmond Moore, and he's been getting my pass rush skills together. I feel like I'm really capable of doing it. Obviously I didn't show it very much on film but I'm capable of doing it."

Ohio State LB Darron Lee

On what he wants to prove at Combine…

"Consistency in technique for sure. I think if I can show being consistent in my technique and even showing that on the field, that will get you out of some tough situations and help you play fundamentally sound. Being a fundamentally sound football player or linebacker will carry you a long way in your career."

On why he should be drafted in first round…

"Because of how I approach the game, my passion for the game and my work ethic. When I'm not on the field, just what I do – how I carry myself, the drills I constantly do, the film I watch. I'm still learning linebacker. It will be three years in a couple weeks I've been playing the position. I still have a lot to learn."

On his attitude on the field…

"Play with a passion and energy, that's just my game. I like getting my guys hyped up so they can go and make a play. That's what I'm all about. I've always been about that from when I was yay high and that won't stop when I get to the league."

Notre Dame LB Jaylon Smith

On the Combine process after his injury…

"The past two days have been interesting. Medically tested. Just doing a lot of evaluations and things of that nature. Here at the Combine it's a lot of moving, a lot of walking that I've done. I've only been on my feet for one week now. Just taking everything in."

On his expectation to play in 2016…

"Oh, that's the goal. As soon as possible. I can't tell when I'll be back, but I'll be back 100 percent."

On when he hopes to be taken…

"I'm hoping to go top 10. I view myself as the best player in the draft, you know? It's just a matter of waiting and enjoying the process and controlling what I can control. I'm having a blast with all the fellas out here."

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