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10 Things to Watch: Will Melvin Gordon Take Leap Forward?

We'll reveal our top 10 things to watch for at training camp each day leading up to the first practice on July 30.

Will Melvin Gordon Take Leap Forward?

There may be no Charger under more scrutiny heading into training camp than second-year running back Melvin Gordon. The Chargers are determined to jumpstart their ground attack in 2016, and number 28 will play a crucial role after a disappointing rookie campaign.

The Chargers traded up to select the former Wisconsin rusher 15th overall last season, and it's been well documented that his first year did not live up to expectations.  In fact, Gordon summed up his feelings on his rookie year back in April.

"It was terrible.  I was terrible… (but) you can't dwell on last year.  It's a new season and you have to get past it. But there are things I didn't know as a rookie that I know now.  There are things that you can only learn from playing the game.  I understand the game better now.  I wish I knew last year what guys who have been in the league for four or five years know.  I have a better understanding now, and that will grow.  Rookie years are different for a lot of people.  Some have more success than others, so I am just trying to go out there, work and prove myself more this year."

With 2015 fully in the rearview mirror, everyone will be watching to see if Gordon takes that leap forward after also coming off knee surgery.  While he took things slowly to begin the offseason program, he turned a number of heads down the stretch including Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt.

"He definitely finished strong," Whisenhunt said.  "He finished on an upbeat. You could see him get more comfortable with the runs we're asking him to do.  Part of it is what does he do well?  Early in this period, he wasn't doing a whole lot.  He was just doing the individual.  I think part of it for him was getting it through his mind that he was ready to go.  But probably over the past two weeks I've seen some really nice cuts, some explosive runs and hopefully that trend will continue."

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