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What Did Justin Herbert and the Bolts Say After Sunday's Win over the Chiefs?

Here's what Justin Herbert, Brandon Staley, Derwin James and Mike Williams had to say following the Chargers 30-24 comeback win over the Kansas City Chiefs:

Mike Williams on his game winning touchdown:

"It was actually a running play with a fade tag. After the play, Coach [Staley] was like, 'We wanted to run the ball and run the time out and kick a field goal.' Obviously, that didn't happen. We left like thirty seconds on the clock for them. But we trusted our defense to get a stop. It was supposed to be a running play with a fade tag. Justin [Herbert] trusted me and I went up and made a play."

Derwin James on Justin Herbert's Week 3 performance:

"I love 10. I love 10 back there. I love him at all times. We're trying to get the ball to him as much as we can. We know what they're going to do with it. When our offense gets stopped, they're really stopping themselves. We want to get the ball to them as much as we can. 10's a player, man."

Derwin James on young players forcing turnovers:

"A turnover ain't got no age on it. A turnover don't matter how old you are. Whoever makes the play, it's your time to make the play. We always say, 'Why not me?' We're always stressing that to each other, that we got to get the ball more."

Derwin James impressed with Asante Samuel Jr. :

"I was very impressed because I was coming from the other side and I just saw Asante just lay out for it," James said. "He's been talking about it all week because he had one last week and he wanted another one this week. He went out there and did it, I'm very proud of Asante and how he's playing, he's really a dog."

Derwin James on what the victory means to the team:

"It's a big victory because I feel like we played team football today. The defense came out in the first half and got some turnovers, takeaways for our offense. And our offense, they came out in the second half, and they had our back. We gave up a few touchdowns, but the offense carried us in the second half. Special teams was great too."

Brandon Staley on the decision to go for it on 4th down late in the game:

"I felt like our offense was in rhythm. I felt like we really needed to get the momentum of the game back and keep their offense off the field. I think it was a combination of factors, but I felt confident in where we were offensively with our matchups outside. It was a tough wind here. It was cutting across the field. I just felt like for both guys it was difficult to kick in. I wanted to put the ball in our offense's hands. Those guys came through today."

Brandon Staley on Williams' and Herbert's performance:

"I thought that those two guys really stood out to me. Justin had four touchdowns, no interceptions. There was a fierce rush out there. I felt like he really played the position how you need to. I felt like he was patient when he needed to be. We had a couple play action shots that didn't quite express themselves. I felt like he was awesome in the check down game getting the ball underneath. They played a lot more two deep zone coverage with some of their corner situation. He just played the position as a high level. He showed high level toughness and then certainly in a two minute drill, the big throw to Keenan Allen and then finishing off with Mike (Williams). You can't say enough about Mike Williams. I felt like this guy all year through three games, this guy played fantastic and he came through for us today."

Brandon Staley on of Chargers defensive backs:

"I'd like to bring up a couple guys, too. Tevaughn Campbell started at Star for us today and was fantastic in the game. We felt like this guy (Tyreek Hill) has real speed and we needed to match the speed of that guy, him and Mecole Hardman. We felt like we needed a guy that could run a 4.3 in the slot, because Chris (Harris Jr.) is out. Tevaughn Campbell came in and had two huge forced fumbles in the game and he was connected all day in pass coverage. I don't think you can say enough about that guy. In the deep part of the field, (S Nadir Adderley, S Alohi Gilman) and (S) Derwin (James Jr.) are playing as well as you can play against that team."

Justin Herbert on executing late in the fourth quarter:

"I thought it was great because we go into that huddle and everyone believed. You go out there and see all the faces of the guys, you see all of the offensive linemen, the receivers, the running back, everyone believed. Everyone knew that we went out there and had the right play, we had the right guys out there. We've been through this situation tons of times before. Just trust each other, go out there, execute and good things will happen."

Justin Herbert on the offense not having a turnover on the day:

"I think it was huge for our offense and especially for the defense to get four like that, you have to play smart ball against these guys. The Chiefs are about as good as it gets. You can't turn the ball over, you can't have all of these penalties against the Chiefs and expect to win. That's kind of the game plan that we had set for ourselves. Thankfully, we played it out pretty well."

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