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Top 10 Quotes From Day 8 of Training Camp 

The Los Angeles Chargers practice at Training Camp on Friday, August 6, 2021 at Jack Hammett Sports Complex in Costa Mesa, California.
The Los Angeles Chargers practice at Training Camp on Friday, August 6, 2021 at Jack Hammett Sports Complex in Costa Mesa, California.

Hear what the Bolts had to say after day 8 of Training Camp

1. Nasir Adderley on the defensive scheme:

"I like it. I like it a lot. It's kind of similar to what I played in college. I get to move around a little bit more and be more active. I'm excited, man. I can't wait what to see what the future holds."

2. Joshua Kelley on what he enjoys most about having the new coaching staff:

"The energy, just how youthful they are and how excited they are. You can tell how passionate they are about the game when they come out here. For me, that's huge. I'm like that, too. I'm upbeat. I'm positive. I just feed off of that even more."

3. Joe Lombardi on the value of having three-straight padded practices to evaluate the run game:

"It's going to be huge. When you're not in pads, you have to kind of work with the D-line. Not everyone does what they're going to do in pads. So, there may be holes that won't be there in pads. Maybe it's blocked up when, in real life, we would have created a crease. As we start working in pads, it's going to be huge to evaluate how we're doing, but I'm very encouraged so far."

4. Joshua Kelley on having a full offseason program leading into training camp, compared to his rookie season last year:

"It makes a big difference. I didn't have OTAs. I didn't have minicamp. I just came in during training camp. I didn't even have preseason. I think the biggest thing for us and our young guys is that they had the OTAs, minicamp and all of this stuff that we're doing now. It's big. You get a playbook, but it's different than actual live reps. We're actually getting those reps. That's helping me out."

5. Nasir Adderley on his development:

"I'm just learning my body. I've had some pretty severe injuries that I was dealing with, but I'm very fortunate. That's why I don't take anything for granted. Just being out here is a blessing. I think I'm just understanding the game more, knowing where I'm supposed to be, knowing where my help is. I've grown a lot. I'm excited to see where I can take it."

6. Joe Lombardi on WR Keenan Allen and S Derwin James Jr:

"Those are two top players. It's a competition. I know this, being around Derwin for a little bit, I'll put my money on him against anyone."

7. Joshua Kelly on if last season taught him the impact of being 'polished and precise' on special teams:

"Yes. For a lot of us, there are a lot of guys who come into the league where we were 'the guys' in college and high school, so we didn't play much on special teams. When we get here, we're at the bottom, so you have to work your way up. Special teams is how you get there. Guys like [RB] Austin Ekeler told me, personally, like, 'Look, I got on his team because I was so good at gunner.' That's how some people just climb up the ladder."

8. Joe Lombardi on the value QB Chase Daniel brings to the quarterback group:

"It's huge. He has a lot of experience with the offense. I have a lot of experience with him. He's really smart. He has so much experience that when we're not around and they're talking, the insights that he gives them - and even when we're in there, he'll bring up stuff - it's really like having another coach in the room. It kind of looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito in Twins when they [Herbert and Daniel] are standing next to each other. It's great having him."

9. Nasir Adderley on adjustments from last season to this season:

"I think, just getting the terminology because there are some things that might seem similar in the past, but they're different. Just understanding the terminology. Understanding what it's supposed to look like and what the coaches are looking for. That's the biggest adjustment. We're working through it and working hard at it every day."

10. Joshua Kelley on vegetables:

"I'm not really a big appetite for vegetables, but it's a necessary evil and you got to just eat it."

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