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What Did Coach Staley, Justin Herbert and Company Say After Beating the Bengals?

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Here's what Brandon Staley, Justin Herbert, Kyzir White and Mike Williams had to say in Sunday's postgame press conferences following the win over the Cincinnati Bengals:

Head coach Brandon Staley on his assessment of Sunday's game

"This is a really good team. We came out with a lot of energy, played with a purpose and played the way we're capable of playing. Our execution and our energy was fantastic in the game, and then there was the middle stretch that was tough for us, which was completely our doing. But then in the fourth quarter, we finished the game playing our best. It was 17-0 in the fourth quarter. We finished the game playing our best football as a team, and I really liked the way we executed in the fourth quarter to really put that game away. I felt like it was a team win in every aspect."

Staley on getting off to a 24-0 start

"The way we came out offensively is our type of recipe. We got the ball to Mike (Williams) in the deep part of the field. We were aggressive in the deep part of the field today, and we had a lot of different types of passes. They turned it up a bit in the third quarter — they've got a good defense over there. They really do. But I really felt like Justin controlled the game today and made a lot of big plays in the passing game. And then we just did enough there in the second half to close it out. I liked the way we ran the ball in four-minute. That's when we're at our best. When we're at our best Mike's touching the ball, and Jaylen (Guyton) and Keenan (Allen)."

Staley on being able to close out the game in Cincinnati

"We've been in games like this, and I just felt like the way we competed in practice this week — the way we came on this trip — I knew that we had what it took to finish that game. When it started to get tight, I think you saw how our defense played. Sometimes when it gets tight, your defense has got to win the day. When you're on the road and it's loud, your defense can get you the momentum back by shutting down a really prolific offense, and that's what happened today.

Staley on how Uchenna Nwosu has played the last few weeks

"Uchenna deserves so much credit. He's really settled in to his fundamentals and assignment, and he's really made for us. I told you guys that back in the spring time. I really feel like he's made to play in our system. And Jay Rodgers is one of the best coaches I know coaching him, and getting a lot out of that group. Uchenna's been really close to kind of bursting in a little bit, and today was one of those bursts. He's just practiced consistently, he's got real toughness, he's versatile, and I'm really proud of the way he's playing for us."

Quarterback Justin Herbert on the Chargers wide receiver corps

"We believe really highly in the guys we have. Mike (Williams), Jalen (Guyton) came up with some big catches down the field. Any time you get Jared Cook in there too, it helps our offense so much to get those big chunks. It's a huge momentum shift so it's awesome to see."

Herbert on how the defense causing turnovers helps the offense

"To be able to start with the ball at the 50 or 40-yard line changes our offense. It's much easier to get up and get going. I thought the defense and special teams did a great job of getting us good field position."

Herbert on the team's mood when the Bengals started to come back

"There was no flinch. It's the NFL. Teams are good. They're going to come back and do everything they can to get back into the game. We have to do our best to limit that. I thought our defense did a great job of coming up with that stop, turning that turnover into a touchdown. It created some separation for us."

Linebacker Kyzir White on Uchenna Nwosu's performance

"I'm happy for him. He's been heating up the past few weeks. I'm happy for him...He's just playing free. He's not thinking, not worried about anything. We came in together, and sometimes you can be worried about your future a little and start psyching yourself out. I think he's just playing free and just letting whatever's going to happen, happen. I feel like he's plying his best ball."

White on the Chargers performance on defense

"We knew what we were capable of. Last week we had a bad taste in our mouth. I feel like we let the running backs get too loose in Denver. We wanted to accept that challenge this week. Joe Mixon is a top five back, and we wanted to come out there and shut them down."

Wide receiver Mike Williams on connecting on deep passes

"We always throw some shots, we were just able to win the 50-50 balls today. Herb (Herbert) gave us a lot of opportunities and it worked out in our favor...We feel like we always have a good chance with the guys in that locker room. We preach that every week; putting the ball downfield. We took some shots early then they played a lot of deep coverage after that."

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