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Coach Staley's Thoughts on Sunday's Game Against the Cowboys

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Here's what Chargers' head coach Brandon Staley had to say during Monday's press conference.

Evaluating Justin Herbert's play in the first two games

"That guy gave us a real chance in the game. These penalties don't express themselves. This is going to be a monster 400-yard day. The plays he was making with fourth and pressure yesterday and the type of throws that were happening on that field, I felt like he was the best player on the field."

Herbert's style of play on Sunday, thoughts on offensive production

"One of Justin's best assets is he doesn't hang on to the football. This guy plays fast, he was getting through it. When we got [RB] Austin [Ekeler] activated in the passing game yesterday — there were a lot of shallow crosses, check-downs — stuff within the progression of the play where we were able to throw it short. Other than that, I felt like we ran the football really well yesterday. For me, it's about finishing drives with touchdowns. I like what I'm seeing from our offense from a production standpoint. But from a finish and scoring standpoint, that's where we can improve."

Evaluating the passing game for the Chargers

"We're throwing the ball really prolifically. Yesterday, we had two forty-plus-yard passes taken off the board because of penalties. We're one of the top-five offenses in football right now; that's not even counting the penalty yards of both weeks. I think [QB] Justin's [Herbert] yards per attempt, as you guys see, is really high."

On safety Nasir Adderely taking a 'big step forward' against the Cowboys

"I felt like he tackled really well [Sunday]. I thought that he was really active from a communication standpoint. He's one of the guys that I felt like [Sunday], for us, really took a step up. I really felt like he played a good game. I felt him. I saw him. I felt like yesterday was a good day... For him, I thought it was a big step forward. I think that he's continuing to understand how we want to do things. I thought that he was a bright spot for us [on Sunday]."

On learning from tough loss

"I think when you watch the movie, it's a little thing. It's a couple of things here and there, little things that added up to being a big difference. I think that we'll learn a lot from it. I guess you guys just got to trust me on that, but I think our guys would really unpack a lot in that film and it'll help us move forward."

Fixing up mechanics and technique in run defense

"There were plenty of instances of us playing good run defense yesterday. But there were far too many instances of us playing poorly. The good news is it's completely within our control. We knew that that was going to be part of our plan against us, and we were in good run defenses, good run structures. We were a little off with our mechanics and with our technique. That's going to be a point of emphasis moving forward."

'Lot of confidence' in Storm Norton's play

"We're certainly going to stay with Storm and keep developing all the guys on our line. Certainly, those combinations of [G] Matt [Feiler], [T] Trey [Pipkins III], those guys are options, guys that have played tackle in the NFL. But I have a lot of confidence in Storm and I'm hoping he can bounce back this week."

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