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What Did the 49ers Say about the Chargers?


Hear what the San Francisco 49ers had to say about the Bolts following their joint practices.

1. TE George Kittle on Derwin James:

"Derwin is a fantastic football player, he has been since he got into the league. I got to play against him his rookie season, my second season, we played in LA. He was fantastic then. I know he had an injury but he's just a freak of nature. He's 6-2, 6-3, physical, runs really fast, super quick. He can follow you, he can chase you, he can be on your hip, playing on top, he can try to jam you at the line. It's fun being able to work every single technique against him. He always keeps you on your toes and I always try to keep him on his toes. It's a nice battle back and forth, it's great competition."

2. QB Jimmy Garoppolo on going against the Chargers defense:

"It was good. It was a good challenge for us. I'm always a fan of seeing new looks, new defenses, all that stuff. And I thought we handled it well. It was competitive all the way through, and I love this stuff."

3. Head coach Kyle Shanahan on Brandon Staley:

"I just know Brandon, going against him last year, and he's a hell of a coach. I mean, the scheme that he has, the scheme that he runs, how detailed it is, how he gets his players to play for him. It was evident on tape last year. You can see it already today and the guy is a hell of a coach."

4. CB Jason Verrett on Keenan Allen being one of the best receivers in the NFL:

"Absolutely, absolutely. He's been like that since he stepped foot in the league. I think he got one of the best releases in the game. Definitely one of those top receivers in the game."

5. Defensive Coordinator DeMeco Ryans on Justin Herbert:

"Herbert is a really great talent. He did a great job throughout the week giving us some really good looks. He's a really talented quarterback. The Chargers are in good hands with the quarterback that they have."

Take a look at some of the best photos from the second day of joint practices with the San Francisco 49ers at Chargers Training Camp 2021.

6. Head coach Kyle Shanahan on going against the Chargers defense:

"It helps a ton. First of all, some of the players they got. They got some real talent over there and anytime you can go against different things than what you've been going against, helps a ton. We've been up against a four-down front. And now we've had every front possible today. Some different styles and different techniques. You get used to one type of technique and it takes a while to get ready for the others. You try to do that on a Wednesday or Thursday practice with cards and stuff to simulate, which sometimes takes up to the second quarter to get used to. To be able to scrimmage against guys and to be able to do it here for two days is very helpful."

7. TE George Kittle on Joey Bosa:

"He goes from a super calm, cool, collected dude to a bear. It was really fun to go against him. I had some good reps against him yesterday. He's out there making all our guys better. If we can block him, we can block other guys."

8. Head coach Kyle Shanahan on Derwin James:

"Just same thing you see from every time that he's out there. He's the man. He's as good as it gets. Coming out of college, we loved him. I just love how carries himself. You know how talented he is but just talking to the guy, how he acts out there, you can tell he's a special guy, as a person and as a talent. So, you guys got a good one there."

9. Head coach Kyle Shanahan on why the Chargers are a good team to do a joint practice with:

"You definitely don't want to do in your division. I'd rather avoid the NFC. You want to do it with someone on the other side and I'd love to do it with someone that is different than what you practice against every day. And they have a really good scheme that's kind of the opposite of ours. So, I think it really helps in that way."

10. CB Jason Verrett on Justin Herbert:

"He's been good, I thought he was a solid quarterback last year. A guy that doesn't make a lot of mistakes. Definitely on the rise of being one of the top quarterbacks in the league."

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