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What the Cardinals Are Saying About the Chargers

What'd They Say W12

Take a look at what Cardinals Defensive Coordinator Vance Joseph, quarterback Kyler Murray and others said throughout the week about the Bolts ahead of their Week 12 matchup:

Defensive Coordinator Vance Joseph

On Chargers RB Austin Ekeler:

"Well, I think he's a self-made guy. A Western Colorado guy. He's an undersized guy that shouldn't be in this league probably, but he's the leading receiver at like 70 plus catches and the leading rusher at 123 carries. So, he's carrying the football team. Obviously [Keenan] Allen and [Mike] Williams have been hurt most of the year, so he's been the main guy. He takes checkdowns for seven, eight yards a crack and that's huge for an offense. As a runner, he's slippery, he's got a low center of gravity, he breaks tackles, he has great hands out of the backfield, he protects. He's a football player and when you watch him, you know he's going to be a tough out like most of the good backs in this league. He is definitely their guy right now."

On watching Chargers QB Justin Herbert:

"I've watched him a lot over the years, this week I watched him obviously. He's a long athlete with a great arm. I mean he can make every throw and what's surprising with this guy man, is he doesn't see the pressure. His eyes are down the field. He's making throws from different arm angles, he can scramble, he can run with the ball. He takes some shots, which young guys do (chuckled), that's got to stop because he won't last a long time if he does that, but he's a tall kid with a great arm. He's got great poise, he's playing good football and when he has time to make throws, he's making throws. You watch this team play versus San Fran, they had them beat late in the game. You watch them against all of these good teams, they got teams beat. It's going to a chore to get these guys, this team contained and beat on Sunday morning. He's got weapons, obviously if Williams and Allen are out there and the back, that's a tough out. It's going to be a challenge to get them stopped, but I think we're up to it."

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Quarterback Kyler Murray

On how he approaches the final six games:

"... Obviously, there's frustration with the results, but all you can ask for is these guys to show up, work hard, and believe. This season's not over. Opportunity is still ahead of us and it starts this weekend against a good Chargers team."

Safety Jalen Thompson

On what's most dangerous from the Chargers offense:

"Like I said, they got weapons everywhere, same as San Fran. They got a good running back, good quarterback, two key guys on the outside at recievers. So, we've got to be locked in, we've got to get in our playbook this week and like I said, get good with those details."

On how to prepare for a QB with an arm like Justin Herbert:

"Like I said, we've got to be on details. He can throw that deep ball like nobody else in this league, so we got to be homed in on those details. We've got to know formationally what they're going to do and just scheme them up the right way."

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