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10 Quotes From Camp About Playing with Justin Herbert

The Los Angeles Chargers practice at Training Camp on Tuesday, August 3, 2021 at Jack Hammett Sports Complex in Costa Mesa, California.
The Los Angeles Chargers practice at Training Camp on Tuesday, August 3, 2021 at Jack Hammett Sports Complex in Costa Mesa, California.

Hear from various Bolts on their thoughts about Justin Herbert.

1. Offensive Coordinator Joe Lombardi on Herbert's 'football intelligence':

"Very high. He's a perfectionist. He grinds at it. If he doesn't quite get everything, there can be some stress with it, but he learns very quickly. Every day, he gets more comfortable."

2. Keenan Allen on playing with Herbert:

"I think it's two guys showing up to work and doing their job. Pretty much, that's what it comes down to. If I do my job and you do your job, we're going to look good."

3. Corey Linsley on playing with Herbert:

"I feel like the issues that we've had, we've been able to work through them. I think that's the biggest thing —there will obviously be issues. I feel like, snapping-wise and the fundamentals of everything have been really great. He's obviously a really great player and has a great command of the huddle. In terms of the operation —the communication, making calls and stuff — we've had time to talk about it now where we've done live reps against the defense. We go into the walk-through and take a little time to say, 'Do you feel like this is beneficial or do you feel like that's beneficial?' It's been good. I feel like those have all been productive. That's a credit to him, a credit to our coaches and everybody along the offensive line as well to be able to work through and talk through everything without getting grounded into just one thing"

4. Jared Cook on Herbert:

"Man, he's smart. He gets the defense. He gets the offense. He's able to push the ball down the field and find holes in the defense where it really matters. He takes what the defense gives him. He's just good at identifying stuff. I think [C] Corey Linsley has been a huge help to him, just kind of helping him with MIKE points and identifying defenses. He's done a great job of catching on and moving forward."

5. Jared Cook on Herbert in the offensive scheme:

"I think he's done pretty well. I mean, today was the first day in pads. We'll see as camp goes on, but I think he has done well at grasping the offensive scheme. For young quarterbacks, this is a very difficult offense. Even for receivers and other positions, this is a very difficult offense to learn. I think he has done a good job with that."

6. Derwin James on Herbert:

"I love Justin, man. He's getting the ball out. You can tell that if you're not there, the throw is going to be completed. He has a lot of velocity on the ball. He has his guys over there. He's been that leader that we need him to be."

7. Offensive Coordinator Joe Lombardi on Justin Herbert's performance over the first two training practices:

"One, first time with the rush, he has great pocket instincts. His movement in the pocket, his ball security in the pocket, it's good to see that. We kind of knew about the arm strength, but it's fun to watch the ball pop off his hands. He's a competitor. When the intensity level rises, his does, too. It's been good. It's been good to get out here and see these guys run around."

8. Keenan Allen on Herbert this offseason:

"He has more confidence. Knowing the plays, knowing what to do, knowing what to look at, knowing where to throw the ball and when to throw it. Last year, he was just calling the play and not really knowing what was going on. If you call a whole play and tag one person, you're probably going to throw it at that one person. Now, you know the whole concept, know everything that's going on and what you need to look at."

9. Corey Linsley on working with a young quarterback:

"It hasn't been too different. Like I've said, we're working through stuff. I feel like my role is to be the guy that gets up there, makes the calls [on the line]. I've been doing that for a while now. I feel like we've adjusted well. [G] Oday [Aboushi] and I were talking, we had an issue with the technique on a block where it just didn't feel right. We were sitting there and talking, and we figured it out. Just little stuff like that [is important]. Being able to communicate with your teammates like that and with Justin [Herbert], I feel like that part of it has really made me more comfortable, as a player, to know that we can do that."

The Los Angeles Chargers practice at Training Camp on Monday, August 3, 2021 at Jack Hammett Sports Complex in Costa Mesa, California.

10. Jared Cook on his connection with Herbert:

"For having an offseason where we haven't really done a lot [together], I think we have meshed well. I think he kind of gets it, understands route timing and when I'm breaking. I think, moving forward in camp, that it's only going to get better. This week, as we continue to work, we'll just keep improving and keep talking through some things. He's in my ear, I'm in his ear, just talking things up and getting to really understand each other, especially once we see full-speed defenses."

Check out some shots of the Bolt Fam taking over the Jack Hammett Sports Complex on "Back Together Saturday"

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