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What Did Coach Staley, Justin Herbert and Company Say After Beating the Giants?

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Here's what Brandon Staley, Justin Herbert, Justin Jones, Joshua Palmer and Jalen Guyton had to say in Sunday's postgame press conferences following the win over the New York Giants:

Head coach Brandon Staley on Justin Herbert

"When you see something special, normally, it looks easy. That's what he does; he makes the really, really challenging stuff look easy. That's a pretty good indicator that you are witnessing something rare. He's capable of that. The more that I'm with him, the less I'm surprised. That doesn't mean I take it for granted, but I'm not surprised because I know that if we give him those opportunities, he can do that. His teammates believe that. He can get it there. That's what we wanted to do on that third down, give him an opportunity. He found Jalen [Guyton]. What you're witnessing is something special."

Staley on building a 30-point lead against the Giants

"I think that you accomplish that by playing complete football in all three phases. I feel like that's what we did. I felt like in that stretch there, we just played team football in all phases. You kind of follow that touchdown, you go three-and-out, three-and-out, three-and-out, three-and-out, end-of-half, then you go turnover on downs, forced fumble, you're going to give your offense a great chance to be successful. I felt like we really moved the football well today. We were ball secure today. We had that big red-area touchdown to Josh [Palmer] in a got-to-have-it [situation] that I really liked. Then, our field goal kicker. Today, I thought that [K] Dustin [Hopkins] was outstanding."

Staley on Joshua Palmer

"He allows Mike [Williams] and Keenan [Allen] to move around. The reason why we really liked this guy is because he can play outside and inside. He can beat press outside. That's what I really loved about the guy, was that he could beat press outside. Then, inside, he can run that slot route tree, some of those choice routes, some of those read routes. He has that type of feel, those instincts. He's strong. He has a pro body. This guy is 6-foot-1, 209 [pounds]. A strong player. The fact that we can move them around allows Mike and Keenan, for us to play that chess match with them. The thing about the guy is that he can get deep. This guy can get deep, too. That's a big component to your offense. The more people that you have that can get deep helps you."

Staley on Joey Bosa's performance

"He came back free and he played like it today. Any time we can get a lead like that, Joey Bosa becomes really dangerous, because we all know that if we can get the consistency of opportunities for him rushing the passer, that he will do that. He has five forced fumbles this year, five strip sacks on eight-and-a-half sacks. We're excited about him. He has to continue to finish for us down the stretch."

Quarterback Justin Herbert on getting 30 touchdowns in each of his first two seasons

"I think it's a sign of all the guys we have around us. I think it's a great offensive line. They've done an incredible job blocking for us all year. Guys out of the backfield, [RB] Austin Ekeler, [RB] Justin Jackson, and then our receiving corps and tight ends that make my job so much easier; [WR] Keenan [Allen], [WR] Mike [Williams], JG, [TE] Jared Cook, all those guys. We're not here without those guys. They've done an incredible job all year and we feel really tough with them."

Herbert on his 59-yard touchdown pass to Jalen Guyton

"It's one of those plays that we practice all the time. We saw the coverage. J.G. [WR Jalen Guyton] knew the coverage. As soon as the ball was snapped, he took off and made a great's one of those plays that he's given the option of single-high split safety and he takes the middle and he just took off. With his feet, he's able to burn a lot of people. He did an incredible job of looking up over his shoulder, catching the ball. It's good to see from him, for sure."

Herbert on the chemistry between him and Palmer

"It's not surprising at all to see the success that he's put together. He works harder than anyone and he's out there after practice on the jug machine catching balls and running routes and getting releases. If you put in the work like that, good things are going to happen. That's a sign of all the hard work that he's put in. For him to be able to step up, especially when [WR] Keenan [Allen] is down, he's one of those guys that we trust in."

Defensive lineman Justin Jones on all three phases of the game coming together on Sunday

"It just seems like everybody is out there doing their job and just balling. Just having a good time with the guys … Our locker room is special, we've got a team full of great guys; great guys, man, I love every single one of them, you can tell we play together."

Palmer on stepping up in Keenan Allen's absence and playing in the slot

"I was a little nervous just like any other game. But once I got the first catch and got the jitters out, I stayed on my game and stayed on my path doing what I've been doing after practice...I'm getting more comfortable every time I [play in the slot]. The first time I ever had to do it, Keenan just told me to slow down. There's a lot more things you see in the slot, so just take your time, don't rush."

Guyton on if he's surprised by Herbert's accuracy on deep passes

"I'm not surprised because he puts a lot of work in, but you definitely appreciate it. Just doing it 100 times on a Tuesday or a Wednesday or Thursday doesn't get it done on Sunday. So to come out here and do it, you absolutely appreciate it...if you knew how much work we put into it, you know what I mean, it wouldn't be a surprise at all."

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