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Top Quotes | Daiyan Henley on Landing with the Bolts

Henley TQ

Take a look at top quotes from Chargers third-round pick Daiyan Henley's introductory press conference on Saturday:

Linebacker Daiyan Henley

On what being drafted means to his family:

"It's just the beginning, just the beginning. Just the start. As big of a moment as it is, I think we're all on the same page knowing that this is only the start of a longer journey."

On the benefit of playing multiple positions throughout his football career:

"Exactly that, just being able to play somebody their positions, be on the opposite side of the ball first. Then, moving to defense, I've been able to see the football through from all types of perspectives. Learning the game that way helps you be more, I guess, capable to do one job because you know so many jobs on that football field. Then, when you take it to an even further extent, it's just techniques, that's really what changes because each position requires a different technique, but the mental, the brain aspect, of that learning, it makes it just that much easier."

On how he would characterize his game:

"I would definitely say fast, low and to the ball. Just meaning that I'm always about the ball, I'm trying to get the ball. I'm sideline-to-sideline. Then, a downhill force. When I can make a hit, I can make a hit. I'm going to do it. Fun, I'm out there to ball, talk a little something on the side and make sure that my teammates are on the same page, as far as us being out here to win this game and have fun doing it."

Take a look through some photos of the Chargers 2023 third-round Draft pick LB Daiyan Henley, from Washinton State.

On his relationship with former Chargers DL Brandon Mebane:

"He actually texted me, so I have to text him back. If he sees this before I text him back, I might be in trouble. I hope he doesn't see this before I take text him back."

On Mebane's influence:

"For the most part, just seeing him come from the same section as me, playing in the same city as me, and to go as far as he did. We're talking about a guy who spent countless seasons in the NFL. He is going to show me the way, the blueprint for being a veteran, that's what he means to me, a guy who knows how to do it the right way. We understand that this is a job, this is a profession. Every day, you have to make the right decision, just to be where you are. For the most part, it seems like he did that. I wasn't with him every day, but at the end of the road, he made it."

On being an 'older rookie' and if it's an 'advantage or disadvantage':

"Oh, man, my bones are shaking [laughter]. I like to say that it's an advantage just because how I break it down to myself. When people call you old, you have to make yourself feel good. I like to say that I have the wisdom of an older guy, but I have the health of a younger guy. If you look at my playing history, I don't have any injuries and haven't missed a game. We're going to knock on wood, which I don't see around here, so we're going to do it in spirit, but I haven't missed a game. The health of a younger guy with the wisdom of an older guy. Put that together and hope there's longevity."

On his philosophy surrounding special teams:

"Special teams, if you look at it, it's every football movement all in whatever special teams phase it is. It's like football, but in extreme space. That's something that I got from my old coach — it's football in extreme space. You have receiver movements if you're a gunner. You have linebacker movements if you're sitting there trying to rush, or edge movements — just different types of movements based off what position you're playing and what's happening. I found love and joy in doing it. That's why I was always available for special teams and why I will be available here for special teams because I feel like there's a joy, there's an art to it. That's how I feel about special teams. I plan to make an impact on every down. That means being on the field as a linebacker, being on the field as a gunner or whatever it may be for special teams and a linebacker, that's what I plan to do."

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