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Videos - September 2017

Published On Title
2017-09-02 State of the Chargers with General Manager Tom Telesco
2017-09-04 A Conversation With Tom Telesco: Looking Ahead to Week 1
2017-09-04 Behind the Scenes: Access Chargers Live at ABC7
2017-09-04 Access Chargers: The LT Special Trailer
2017-09-04 Nick's Dishes: The No.19 at Langers Deli
2017-09-05 Getting to Know Rookie Kicker Younghoe Koo
2017-09-05 Coach Lynn: Denver Is a Hostile Environment
2017-09-05 Melvin Gordon: "We Have So Many Weapons"
2017-09-05 1-on-1 with Austin Ekeler
2017-09-05 1-on-1 with Jeff Richards: I Am Glad To Be Here
2017-09-05 Access Chargers: LT Special Trailer #2
2017-09-05 Chargers Update: Broncos Week Begins
2017-09-06 Chargers' Top Plays of the 2017 Preseason
2017-09-06 Riding Home with Jahleel Addae
2017-09-06 First Look: LT Special Airs Friday on Facebook/Twitter
2017-09-07 Beth Mowins: Joey Bosa Could Wreak Havoc Monday Night
2017-09-07 TBT: Keenan Allen Leaps Broncos Defender for Touchdown
2017-09-07 Bolts Assist in Harvey Relief Efforts
2017-09-07 Practice Snapshot: Chargers Prepare for Denver
2017-09-07 1-on-1 with Chargers Kicker Younghoe Koo
2017-09-07 Coach Lynn: "We Have a Plan to Protect Our Quarterback"
2017-09-07 1-on-1 with Hayes Pullard
2017-09-07 Philip Rivers: "It'll Be Close to a Postseason Atmosphere"
2017-09-07 Ken Whisenhunt: "Its Good to Be Back in the Groove"
2017-09-07 StubHub Center: An Experience Like No Other
2017-09-07 Goal Line to Goal Line with Quarterback Philip Rivers
2017-09-07 LT Documentary Airs Friday Afternoon
2017-09-07 Chargers Update: Thursday September 7th
2017-09-07 Head Coach Anthony Lynn Previews Chargers vs. Broncos
2017-09-08 Ask the Booth: 4 Questions with Nick and Matt
2017-09-08 Coach Lynn: "It's Special for Me to Go Back to Denver"
2017-09-08 Gus Bradley: "Pullard Gives Us Good Depth"
2017-09-08 Casey Hayward: "Monday I'll Be out There Full Speed"
2017-09-08 DDFP: Chargers vs Broncos Week 1 Preview
2017-09-08 Chargers Update: Friday September 8th
2017-09-08 Locker Room Roundup on Monday Night Football
2017-09-09 Chargers vs. Broncos: 3 Players to Watch on Monday Night
2017-09-09 Coach Lynn: "The Guys Are Ready to Play a Game"
2017-09-09 Practice Snapshot: Last Practice Before MNF
2017-09-10 3 Keys to Victory at Denver
2017-09-11 Watch: Inside the Chargers Locker Room
2017-09-11 Rex Ryan Previews Chargers vs. Broncos
2017-09-11 Beth Mowins: "Both Teams Have Revamped Offensive Lines"
2017-09-11 Gordon Cuts Back for 21-yard Gain
2017-09-11 Melvin Gordon Dives in for 11-yard TD
2017-09-11 Melvin Gordon Somehow Stays In-Bounds on Grab
2017-09-11 Bosa Gets Second Sack of Game
2017-09-11 Phillips Brings in Interception
2017-09-11 Allen Brings in a 5-Yard TD
2017-09-11 Casey Hayward Recovers Crucial Fumble to Give Chargers Possession
2017-09-11 Phillips Rivers Throws 38-Yard Rainbow to Travis Benjamin for TD
2017-09-11 Bosa, Ingram Get Back-To-Back Sacks at Critical Moment
2017-09-11 Coach Lynn Postgame Press Conference
2017-09-11 Younghoe Koo: Kickers Live for Those Moments
2017-09-11 Philip Rivers: "This One Hurts"
2017-09-11 Chargers vs. Broncos: What Did We Learn?
2017-09-11 Keenan Allen: "We're Ready to Get Back on the Field"
2017-09-11 Chargers vs. Broncos Highlights
2017-09-12 Anthony Lynn: "The Guys Played Hard"
2017-09-12 Tyrell Williams: "The Noise Played a Big Factor"
2017-09-12 Call of the Game: Travis Benjamin Goes Long for TD vs. Broncos
2017-09-13 A Look Back at Chargers vs Broncos
2017-09-13 Best Celebrations from Week 1: Melvin Gordon
2017-09-13 Anthony Lynn: "I Think the Running Game Is on Pace"
2017-09-13 Ken Whisenhunt: Denver Was a Tough Environment
2017-09-13 Philip Rivers: "We Need to Start Faster This Week"
2017-09-13 Miami Dolphins vs. Los Angeles Chargers Preview
2017-09-13 Chargers Update: Wednesday September 13th
2017-09-13 Mic'd Up: Antonio Gates vs. Denver
2017-09-14 Ask the Booth: Dolphins Preview with Nick and Matt
2017-09-14 Anthony Lynn: Jay Cutler a "Heck of a Quarterback"
2017-09-14 Gus Bradley on Adam Gase, Jay Cutler & Dolphins Offense
2017-09-14 Goal Line to Goal Line with Melvin Ingram
2017-09-14 Dance Breakdown: Players Rate Gordon's TD Celebration
2017-09-14 Chargers Update: Mike Williams Practices
2017-09-15 Coach Lynn Previews Chargers vs. Dolphins
2017-09-15 Chargers vs. Dolphins: Are You Ready?
2017-09-15 Coach Lynn on Final Injury Report Before Sunday
2017-09-15 Chargers Live: Previewing Chargers vs. Dolphins
2017-09-15 Chargers Update: Friday September 15th
2017-09-16 Keys to a Chargers Victory Against the Dolphins
2017-09-16 Fantasy Advice with Matt Money Smith
2017-09-17 Rivers 24-yard Pass to Allen
2017-09-17 Gordon Powers Through for 1-yard TD
2017-09-17 Rivers Fires Dart to Williams for 23 yards
2017-09-17 Rivers to Allen for 21 yards
2017-09-17 Coach Lynn Postgame Press Conference
2017-09-17 Philip Rivers: "It Hurts to Lose Like This"
2017-09-17 Younghoe Koo: "I Just Pushed It Right"
2017-09-17 Joey Bosa: "There Is No Time To Pout"
2017-09-17 Melvin Gordon: "We Have to Make Some More Plays"
2017-09-17 Antonio Gates 1-on-1
2017-09-17 Antonio Gates on Breaking Tight End Touchdown Record
2017-09-17 Chargers vs. Dolphins: What Did We Learn?
2017-09-17 Hunter Henry: We Have To Finish
2017-09-17 Game Highlights: Chargers vs. Dolphins
2017-09-18 LaDainian Tomlinson on Antonio Gates' Early Years in the NFL
2017-09-18 WATCH: LaDainian Tomlinson Receives Hall of Fame Ring at Halftime
2017-09-18 Call of the Game: Antonio Gates Record Breaking TD
2017-09-18 Coach Lynn: "We Need to Stop the Run"
2017-09-18 Antonio Gates on Record Breaking Touchdown
2017-09-18 The GMFB's Week 2 Awards: Gates Touchdown
2017-09-19 Mic'd Up: Joey Bosa vs. Miami
2017-09-19 Chargers Update: Tuesday September 19th
2017-09-19 Game Rewind: Chargers vs. Dolphins
2017-09-19 Sights and Sounds from the StubHub Center
2017-09-19 Antonio Gates' Record Breaking Touchdown in Spanish
2017-09-19 Tre Boston: We Have to Learn How to Finish
2017-09-19 Lucky Fan Walks the Field with Chris McCain
2017-09-19 Rookies Participate in NFL Play60 Blitz
2017-09-20 61 Seconds with Melvin Ingram
2017-09-20 Practice Snapshot: Bolts Prep for Chiefs
2017-09-20 Coach Lynn: There's Going to Be a Lot of Energy Against Kansas City
2017-09-20 Ken Whisenhunt: "Andy Reid Is an Outstanding Coach"
2017-09-20 Philip Rivers: "We Need to Put More Points on the Board"
2017-09-20 Coach Lynn Previews Chargers vs. Chiefs
2017-09-20 Chargers Update: Wednesday September 20th
2017-09-21 Ask the Booth: Chiefs Preview with Nick and Matt
2017-09-21 Goal Line to Goal Line with Antonio Gates
2017-09-21 Coach Lynn: "We Need to Win Every Week"
2017-09-21 Gus Bradley: KC Will Be a Great Challenge for Us
2017-09-21 Casey Hayward: We Have to Be Focused on KC
2017-09-21 Practice Snapshot: Chargers Continue Prep for KC
2017-09-21 Chargers Update: Thursday September 21st
2017-09-22 Matt Money's Fantasy Advice for Week 3
2017-09-22 Chiefs vs. Chargers: Are You Ready?
2017-09-22 Trevor Williams on Filling in for Jason Verrett
2017-09-22 Chargers Live: Previewing Chiefs vs. Chargers
2017-09-22 Coach Lynn: "The Guys Are Eager"
2017-09-22 Locker Room Roundup: Chargers Prep for Chiefs
2017-09-22 3 Keys to a Chargers Victory vs. Chiefs
2017-09-22 The Stars of Sunday
2017-09-22 Chargers Update: Friday September 22nd
2017-09-24 Access Chargers: Episode 3
2017-09-24 Highlights: Philip Rivers Throws Deep to Travis Benjamin
2017-09-24 Highlight: Melvin Gordon Runs in TD
2017-09-24 Melvin Gordon: "All Three Phases Weren't on the Same Page"
2017-09-24 Coach Lynn Postgame Press Conference
2017-09-24 Damion Square: "Unity Is Power"
2017-09-24 Melvin Ingram Postgame 1-on-1
2017-09-24 Philip Rivers: "We Have to Do a Better Job"
2017-09-24 Melvin Ingram: "We Are One Unit"
2017-09-24 Chargers vs. Chiefs: What Did We Learn?
2017-09-24 Tre Boston: "We Gotta Believe"
2017-09-24 Highlights from Chargers vs. Chiefs
2017-09-24 Chris McCain on National Anthem
2017-09-24 Melvin Ingram Highlights vs. Kansas City
2017-09-25 Radio Call of the Game: Melvin Ingram's 3 Sacks
2017-09-25 Coach Lynn: "The Defense Played Good Football" vs. Chiefs
2017-09-25 Chargers Update: Monday September 25th
2017-09-25 Spanish Call of the Game: Melvin Gordon's 11-yard Touchdown
2017-09-25 LaDainian Tomlinson
2017-09-25 Duke 6 Air Crew
2017-09-25 Stan Humphries
2017-09-25 Ron Dixon
2017-09-25 Dave Roberts
2017-09-26 Mic'd Up: Keenan Allen vs. Kansas City
2017-09-26 Game Rewind: Chargers vs. Chiefs
2017-09-26 61 Seconds with Antonio Gates
2017-09-27 Coach Lynn: "We Have to Get Balls to the Right People"
2017-09-27 Ken Whisenhunt: The Eagles Are Disruptive
2017-09-27 Philip Rivers: "We Have the Capabilities to Go on a Run"
2017-09-27 Tre Boston: "We Are Trying to Be the #1 Defense"
2017-09-27 Chargers Update: Wednesday September 27th
2017-09-28 2017 Charger Girls Calendar Unveiling
2017-09-28 NFLN: Eagles vs. Chargers Week 4 Preview
2017-09-28 Scouting the Philadelphia Eagles
2017-09-28 Melvin Ingram Named AFC Defensive Player of the Month
2017-09-28 Jatavis Brown: "We Have the Best D-Line Unit in the League"
2017-09-28 Anthony Lynn: Carson Wentz "Is Hard To Get Down"
2017-09-28 Gus Bradley: "They Have a Lot of Really Good Weapons"
2017-09-28 Goal Line to Goal Line with Casey Hayward
2017-09-28 Melvin Ingram 1-on-1
2017-09-28 Kyle Emanuel 1-on-1
2017-09-28 Chargers Update: Thursday September 28th
2017-09-28 Practice Snapshot: Bolts Prep for Eagles
2017-09-28 Ask the Booth: Eagles Preview with Nick and Matt
2017-09-29 Chargers Live: Previewing Eagles vs. Chargers
2017-09-29 Coach Lynn: Mike Williams Needs More Time
2017-09-29 Chargers on Facing Carson Wentz and the Eagles
2017-09-29 3 Keys to a Chargers Victory vs. Eagles
2017-09-29 Chargers Update: Friday September 29th
2017-09-29 Matt Money's Fantasy Advice for Week 4