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What the Titans Are Saying About the Chargers

WTS Titans

Take a look at what Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel, quarterback Ryan Tannehill and others said about the Bolts ahead of their Week 15 matchup:

Head Coach Mike Vrabel

On Austin Ekeler's ability to catch passes 'sideline to sideline':

"They do a lot with him. He's just the ultimate outlet. It seems like when he needs to sit down in a zone, he's sitting down and when he needs to continue to run, he continues to stay on the move. The quarterback knows where he is. They have a lot designed for him, but there's also the relief and the outlet and the checkdown. He does a fantastic job with the plays that are designed for him as well as the ones that get to him after the quarterback has progressed."

On the Chargers skill positions players:

"I think have some guys with different skill sets. Certainly, they do have a stature. [Mike] Williams, Keenan Allen, [Joshua] Palmer. [DeAndre] Carter is a guy that can kinds of play a lot of different roles, he's not just a gadget guy, runs a multitude of routes. Seems like [Gerald] Everett has been factoring and really gaining a lot of confidence."

On Chargers QB Justin Herbert:

"I think the arm talent is fantastic. I think the ability to move and extend plays. I saw a stat that I think he had the most yardage outside the pocket the other night than any quarterback in the league, I think he had 150 yards outside the pocket. Whether that's designed plays for him to get out there or he's getting out there himself on third down. Looking to throw, but can run, can put it anywhere. Puts a lot of stress on you as guys start to uncover, whether that's on the field or in the redzone."

Defensive Coordinator Shane Bowen

On how tough Herbert is to defend:

"He's talented. He's got an unbelievable arm, he's accurate, he's really good on the move. I think last week, I heard something like 150 yards outside of the pocket. There's a lot of different dynamics to him…"

On if Herbert compares to Josh Allen and the Chargers offense:

"Yeah, I think the arm strength, being able to put the ball wherever he really wants to put it, it's there. I don't think they run him like Josh Allen in terms of all the scheme quarterback runs and that type of stuff, so I think they're different in that regard. But yeah, I mean you're going to have to defend the whole field, and you've got to be tight. He's going to find it, he's going to fit it in there. You guys all saw the third down conversion last week to Keenan Allen, who's gloved, and he found a way to put it in there and they catch them. They got extremely talented receivers on the outside and coming out of the backfield with Ekeler. We're going to have to do a good job, make sure we're tight on these guys a contesting them as best we can and hopefully we can knock a few down."

On RB Austin Ekeler:

"They find him. I think he's got 93 catches on the year, which is incredible for a running back. I think anytime that quarterback feels that he's got him, he's going to give it to him. They use him in the screen game, they use him in checkdowns and he's unique in the fact that he's extremely good after the catch. He makes guys miss, but at the same time, he's a little bit stockier build so he can lower his shoulder and get some extra yards that way. He's a viable option on every down in the passing game."

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill

On what stands out to him the most about the Chargers defense:

"You look at the way they played last week, they played extremely well. I think that's something that jumped off the tape. Disruptive in the pass game, really limited the run game of the Dolphins. They're playing good right now. We're going to have to go out, we're going to have to execute, whatever the case may be. Whether it's running the football, being efficient, being able to build on the good things we did last week in the first half and when we get opportunities in the pass game, being able to take advantage of it."

Safety Kevin Byard

On the Chargers skill position weapons:

"A lot of great weapons. Obviously, their guys are back, Keenan Allen and Mike Williams are playing really well. But, Palmer has been a guy who's stepped up since they've been gone, really made a lot of plays. Even the return man, DeAndre Carter, has gone in there and gotten yardage out there as well. Obviously, Austin Ekeler, who's a really good safety valve, has over 90 catches at running back. But, everything is going to start at the quarterback. A guy who has probably the best arm in the league, I would say he has the best arm in the league. It's relative him, Josh Allen, but he can make a throw from anywhere across the field, he roll over to one side and throw the ball 80 yards down the field. Elite arm talent, so a big challenge for us to go out there west and go get a big W."

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