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What the Jaguars Are Saying About the Chargers Ahead of Wild Card Game

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Take a look at what Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson, quarterback Trevor Lawrence and others ahead of their Wild Card round matchup:

Head Coach Doug Pederson

On how much the Chargers have changed since the Week 3 matchup:

"That was a long time ago. There's some new faces on their side. There's some new faces on our side. Schematically, probably both the same with us and with them. Again, we've talked about it a lot, you're not going to trick anybody. It just comes down to execution, both sides, them and us. I'm looking forward to it, watching our guys on this type of stage. We haven't been there, this team, and obviously, it'll be a great atmosphere, home game for us and really looking forward to watching our guys perform."

On if the Chargers play similar to the Jaguars:

"Probably similar in numbers, but I think their passing numbers are a little better than ours. Justin [Herbert] is just a tremendous quarterback obviously, but you see some of the similarities there. Even with some of the skill receivers and what they have, running the ball similar. Even defensively, they've got really good players over there that play hard, and again, they've got two of the best pass rushers in the game. There are some similarities. I think we talked about this way back when, looking at this team and understanding that you kind of have to know where 13 [Keenan Allen] is on offense, you've got to kind of know where 97 [Joey Bosa], 52 [Khalil Mack], maybe number 3 [Derwin James Jr.] on defense, some of these guys. Just making sure that you're locked into your job and focused on what you need to do, especially when there are some similarities of this magnitude."

On similarities between Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence and Herbert:

"They're very similar. They're within a couple touchdown passes of each other and yards, I think Justin has a few more yards, obviously. They're very similar, both athletic guys, both can run, extend plays, good vision. Obviously he's been in these moments before with his team, so he's got a little experience over Trevor in that way. It should be a fun game to watch both of these guys play."

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Offensive Coordinator Press Taylor

On threat of S Derwin James, Jr.:

"He is. They do a great job utilizing his versatility. He could line up anywhere from on the line of scrimmage and rushing the passer to covering your tight end out wide to covering a receiver in the slot to deep in the post. They utilize him really well, he's somebody you have to be aware of. The quarterback has to be aware of at all times, but then our offensive line just because of the versatility they use with him in the box, even rushing the passer. He's certainly a dangerous player."

On if the Chargers defense is playing the best it has this year:

"Yeah, and I think part of it is the personnel they're getting back. You get [Joey] Bosa back from injury, you get a couple of these guys back in there. As you go, you get film on opponents, you get more time on task as your own defensive scheme, and I think it's just showing with them. It was kind of similar last year, they hit their stride late and made their push at the end of last year. It feels like they are definitely gelling and playing good ball at the right time for them."

Defensive Coordinator Mike Caldwell

On RB Austin Ekeler being the team's top receiver:

"When you look at it, when you have a running back that has over 100 catches, that says something about him. He's a guy that they trust, and they get the ball to a bunch. I think it works well with him because outside you have to pay so much attention, and that opens it up for him and the tight ends underneath. As a coordinator, you just go out there and you just try to understand where the matchups are and how they try to attack you and try to hone in on that and give the guys a good plan."

On if he pays much attention to the Week 3 game against the Chargers for this game:

"Yeah, you go back and look at it, but the quarterback was dinged up a little bit, they were missing a receiver, so they'll be a little bit different. We're different now, so they have to account for us being different; we have to account for them. Try to understand what's happened in the last few weeks and see what they're leaning on, and they'll see what we're leaning on and go at it."

On QB Justin Herbert:

"He is a guy that can make all the throws. Athletic, mobile. He's a quarterback that you love on your team, but you don't want to go up against him. That's how the quarterbacks in the league are. Guys that have big arms, can move in the pocket and create problems for you in the pass game."

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Quarterback Trevor Lawrence

On the Chargers from Week 3 and what is different about their defense now:

"They're different, they do things, everyone makes adjustments as the season goes on, as personnel changes, as you play different guys, whatever it may be. You figure out things that may work better for you, so things have changed. You look at it, and I wouldn't say you don't use it because you do, you just look at what you did and the plan and how they played certain things to whatever formations and all that. You use that as part of your study, but you understand that this is a different team in Week 18 than it was in Week 3 and the same for us. Things change as the year, especially those many weeks apart. You definitely use it, but you can't rely just on that game and the plan and kind of what happened to determine what's going to happen this week. You've got to come up with a great plan. You've got to use the full body of work. Obviously, they got some guys back. Joey Bosa on the edge is a great player, played a little bit against us, but got hurt. He, obviously, is really good at getting after the quarterback and affecting the game, so things like that. They've just got a bunch of players really all over the field. Derwin is flying around, great player. We played against him earlier in the year, so there's some challenges for us, and it's exciting. They've got a really good defense."

Cornerback Darious Williams

On Chargers wide receivers:

"I'm just ready to cover those guys on the outside. They got a really good receiver core. Obviously, Keenan Allen has been doing his thing since he's been in the league. Mike Williams is balling, I mean all those guys are real good guys, they got a real good quarterback, so I'm just excited to matchup with them."

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