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What the 49ers Are Saying About the Chargers

What'd They Say Week 10

Take a look at what 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and others said throughout the week about the Bolts ahead of their Week 10 primetime matchup:

Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

On hardest part about preparing for Chargers RB Austin Ekeler:

"Just that he can do everything. I think he's one of the better backs in this league. He's a very natural runner, hits the right holes. When a defense makes a mistake, he makes them pay right away. He's extremely efficient and good in the pass game, whether it's screens or running routes or check downs, doesn't seem to fumble, he is as consistent as it gets and does it in all aspects."

On what's 'uniquely difficult' about Chargers QB Justin Herbert:

"That he's got the skillset to do everything. It always starts with how good of a thrower someone is and he's right there with the top guys on this planet. Whether it's accuracy, whether it's doing it from tough angles or whether it's just arm strength. And whenever you have a guy like that who does have that athletic ability to be a threat, if you don't account for him it's a huge challenge."

On what he remembers about 2021 joint practices with the Chargers and Derwin James:

"They were just getting going, but we were real familiar with them with [Chargers Head Coach] Brandon [Staley] being with LA the year before and playing them twice, so it was a real good week. We all got good work. It was as good of work as we've gotten, so I think both teams enjoyed it a lot. We weren't on each other's schedule, so we weren't too worried about much, but a year later I can see that they've added some guys and they're a really good team. Derwin, I think it as highly of Derwin as any safety in this league. He was that good coming out in college, he was a guy we really liked and everything he's done with the Chargers has kind of been as expected."

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Defensive Coordinator DeMeco Ryans

On the Chargers offensive line:

"Yeah, the Chargers, I think with them surrendering the least amount of sacks, I think it's in part because of the quarterback play. Herbert is a very talented quarterback. He does a good job of getting the ball out very quickly, going through his progressions and the accuracy is really good. This guy's one of the top quarterbacks in this league. You talk about the movement skills in the pocket and being able to make any throw on the field, I think that's part of the reason why those guys don't have to block for long, because he's making smart decisions with the football."

On if he could see on film if Herbert's injury was affecting him earlier in the season:

"Oh, for sure. You can see, a rib injury, if anybody's going through it, it's tough and you definitely don't want to take more hits. So you see his game change a little bit. You see him getting the ball down to the check downs a lot more, getting the ball out even faster, but you see this last week him starting to move around. He could still move in the pocket, athletic guy, big guy. He can move around and make plays on the move, so he's a very dangerous guy that we have to be on our toes, have to be ready for him."

On Chargers RB Austin Ekeler:

"Yeah, I think Austin, he's a guy, if you watch their offense, he's a guy that is trustworthy. He seems like a guy they can count on, whether it's running the ball, catching the ball, in the check downs and gaining positive yards. He gets a lot of catches because it seems like the quarterback can trust him and he does good things with the ball in his hands, so all around tough player, whether it's blocking, running the ball, catching the check downs or screens. Really respect Austin and what he's done for himself in this league. He's a really good player."

Offensive Line Coach/Run Game Coordinator Chris Foerster

On Chargers OLB Khalil Mack:

"He's a good player, man. He has still got really good rush skills. He's really good at setting the edge. They move him everywhere. It's hard to know where he is going to line up left and right side. He's very productive on both sides. Still a very, very good player and somebody you have to deal with."

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Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo

On Chargers S Derwin James, Jr.:

"Yeah, he's an instinctive football player. It's hard to describe, he's very instinctive. Like you might think he's going this way and all of a sudden, he feels something and he'll dart the other way and it's maybe not even part of the defensive scheme, but he just makes a play on it and sometimes you have to tip your hat to it and you just have to always account for him. Pre-snap, you have to know where he is at, see him post-snap where he is going and when he blitzes, he is trouble, so we just have to handle that."

On Chargers OLB Khalil Mack:

"Khalil, he's the same old guys as always, man. He's heavy on that edge. Strong hands, sets the edge well. I remember playing him when he was in Chicago. He's a game wrecker and we have to account for him, so it'll be important for us to handle that."

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