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What are the Las Vegas Raiders Saying About the Chargers?


Notable comments from Raiders head coach Jon Gruden, quarterback Derek Carr, and more in the lead up to the Week 4 game vs. the Los Angles Chargers.

Jon Gruden on the Chargers' passing game/offense:

"They've had it going on offense for a while since [Justin] Herbert showed up, you know Philip Rivers had a great run there. They've been a good offensive team seems like every year. They've got some weapons outside that can do damage; they have a great creative runner, [Austin] Ekeler. Quarterback's a great player, he's really something else to watch. He can throw, he can run, he's smart, he makes good decisions, and they have a creative scheme so it will be a big challenge for us. A big-time challenge."

Gruden on defending Herbert's ability to scramble:

"It's hard to just unleash the rush on this guy because they allow him to scramble, he will scramble, he will hurt you bad. If you don't protect the pocket and you have a lot of coverage down the field against [Mike] Williams and Keenan [Allen] and all their weapons, this guy will put the ball down and he'll really hurt you bad running. We got hurt last week with some scramble plays so we gotta be careful with our rush, we gotta do a great job containing him first, getting to him second and getting him on the ground third which is not easy to do. This is a big, strong, young, tough quarterback."

Gruden on what makes the Chargers' defensive scheme unique and effective:

"They do a great job covering people. They have multiple coverages, a great disguise package, [and] they have a very good coverage plan every week. They have a good rush you know, when you don't have very long to throw it and you have multiple people in coverage it's hard to throw the ball… Here, they've got a guy named [Joey] Bosa who's red hot. They've got some good rushers up front; they have a really good coverage program there. They can roll weak, roll strong, they can play man-to-man when you don't know it's man-to-man. It's a good, effective defensive scheme. It'll be tough for us, just as it has been for everybody else I've seen against them."

Derek Carr on what he's seen from Justin Herbert:

"He's very poised, very athletic, big arm. I think he has a bright future ahead of him ... I like him, he's always been awesome. From what I hear he's a super, super nice, humble guy. The times I've been around him he's been super humble, and it's been a joy for those moments. I know people that know him, and they love him, and I appreciate that about him. He's definitely a heck of a player and hopefully for his sake will be for a long time."

Carr on the Chargers defense and Derwin James:

"Everything in the NFL starts up front. They got Bosa, they got some other guys up front they've drafted and brought in from free agency from other teams…They're loaded up front, they got linebackers that are athletic, they can run.

"The secondary's a veteran group, Derwin [James] I've always believed is one the best players completely in the NFL. It's been a shame just his injuries, he hasn't been able to play as much as he probably would have liked to. He's a rare, special talent one of those rare once in a 10 years kind of player able to do what he's able to do at that size, and that speed, and that strength. They line him up at different places, he's able to do a lot of different things for them."

Carr on talented cornerback group for the Chargers:

"[Asante Samuel Jr.] is very athletic, smart. I remember my brother played against his dad, and how good his dad was, and smart, and just being able to read plays. You can see it in the son as well, you know he has those traits. No. 43 [Michael Davis] is a heck of a player, long speedy, athletic, good feet. Chris Harris [Jr.] is one of the best nickel corners…he's a heck of a player. No. 20 [Tevaughn Campbell] is a great player, he's fast, can run around, cover, got good cover skills, he's physical."

Raiders' defensive coordinator Gus Bradley on Herbert:

"We've faced really different styles of quarterbacks. He's kind of a combination now. He's big, tall, strong, very accurate, completion percentage is high, quarterback rating is high. He doesn't get rattled much, is very, very good against the pressure. Can run when needed, extends plays looks downfield to make big plays. Receivers know him and they understand that part of it. We got a lot of respect for him now."

Bradley On Austin Ekeler's route running:

"He's a guy that will keep you up. They position him in so many different places, it's not just one thing, hey he's outside 'run a go-ball' they really treat him like a receiver, and they'll position him anywhere. He's kind of an [Alvin] Kamara-type for them…he's always a challenge and we have to have a good plan for him and have good awareness for where he's at, at all times."

Denzel Perryman on facing Keenan Allen and Mike Williams:

"They're two different players, I consider Keenan to be a quick twitchy guy, playmaker. Obviously, Mike is a playmaker too, but Mike's more of a jump ball, deep ball kind of guy and Keenan's all over the place. It's going to be a challenge, as far as a defense we just need to do our job and play as one."

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