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What Did Coach Staley and Justin Herbert Say After Beating the Browns

Herbert postgame top quotes

Here's what had to say following the Chargers 47-42 win over the Cleveland Browns.

Brandon Staley on Justin Herbert

"To win a game like this, one that turns into a track meet, you have to have a superstar quarterback to win it. That's what he is, he was fantastic in the game. That's an awesome defense that he's playing against, that defense is really good ... For us to play like we did today, it starts with Justin. Like I told the team in there, the reason why he's being able to play how he's capable of playing is because he has a really good team around him. The offensive line was outstanding today. Our receivers, tight ends and backs were fantastic. What that does is it allows him to go and be who we all know he is. You can't win a game like that if you don't have a player like Justin Herbert."

Brandon Staley on Austin Ekeler

"Austin's one of those guys that's the ultimate competitor. What you can do is activate him in the passing game and in the running game to give you an advantage depending on how people are playing you. I feel like he showcased both of those things. The other thing about him is that fumble at the end of the half. He's one of those guys that's going to bounce back and make something happen for your team. I was proud of him. When you have a fumble like that, sometimes it can kill your spirit, but not his. I feel like we needed all of his production today. He ran the football really well, too. We were close on a couple runs, but he had two touchdowns. And then in the passing game, another touchdown catch. Three touchdowns, and we needed all that in the passing game. Against a rush that's that good, you have to find your backs for some breathers back there when the pocket's chaos. I'm really proud of him."

Brandon Staley on the offense's ability to convert on fourth down on Sunday

"It's just where the game was going, time, score. And then four-and-two isn't a big deal for us. I felt like [Offensive Coordinator] Joe Lombardi was fantastic today. I can't say enough about him and our entire offensive staff. Our guys are executing well in those 'got-to-have-it' situations. We needed it today. We needed all those plays, and I'm really proud of our offensive football team today."

Justin Herbert on the Chargers' ability to come back against the Browns

"That's one of those things that [Passing Game Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach] Shane Day always talks about; as long as there is time on the clock and downs to be played, we've got a chance. It didn't go the way that we thought it was going to today. We didn't imagine putting up 47 points like that, but sometimes that's how you have to win games in the NFL. Coach Day and I talk about that. It's just good to see from our guys."

Justin Herbert on leading the AFC West

"It's all about improvement. We've had a good stretch of games, but it is all about next week. We have a Baltimore [Ravens] team that we have to go play. They're pretty tough. They present a lot of challenges. It is all about watching this tomorrow morning. We will get better from it, but it is all about moving on and continuing to develop and get better."

Justin Herbert on the Chargers' wide receivers

"I've been pretty fortunate to play with some great receivers. At my time at [University of] Oregon, we had some great receivers. The guys we have here I believe are the best in the world. Keenan [Allen,] Mike [Williams,] Jalen [Guyton,] and even those tight ends [Donald] Parham, Jared Cook and Steven Anderson, they've done an incredible job stepping up. They work so hard. All week, the things that people don't normally see, the stuff at practice and the meetings. They are selfless guys that are doing an incredible job."

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