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Week 6: Top Quotes From Justin Herbert

Herbert quotes

Here's what the QB had to say heading into Week 6 of 2021.

Justin Herbert on Lamar Jackson

"I think he's able to do everything. He can run, he can throw, and I don't think his game through the air gets enough credit. I think he's able to throw the ball extremely well and he's able to do everything. If the protection breaks down, he's able to get out of there and make plays that no one else on the planet can make. I know the defense is working hard they're doing their best trying to watch as much film as they can and get a good beat for their offense."

On head coach Brandon Staley as a leader

"He's an incredible leader and he really knows what he's talking about. From day one he came in here talking about relationships and building that trust with everyone. He's definitely established that early on in his career, he's one of those guys that we really want to fight for, and we want to play for. He's got the respect of all those guys in that locker room."

On his ability to scramble and find receivers deep down the field

"That's just one of those drills that we rep all the time — scramble drills. Guys know if the pocket breaks down this way and the quarterback escapes to keep it friendly, find an angle and be able to spread all five receivers so something good can happen. Keenan [Allen] has a great feel for that, and he sees the defender go low, so he goes high. It creates enough separation for me to give him the ball and he makes an incredible catch."

On if he feels he's in a 'groove' early in the season

"We've just had a really good plan from the offensive line to the receivers, running backs — everyone's been tied in very well. Everyone's been really well-coached, and I think that's the plan for each week. It's always about the next week, no matter how the game goes. It's always about moving on to the next one. The running backs have done a great job at pass protection, the linemen have handled all the blitzes and fronts that teams have played against us. The receivers have made plays, and the tight ends, too."

On wide receiver Josh Palmer

"Josh Palmer has made plays. He's one of those guys that's worked really hard and picked up the offense very well. We feel really comfortable with him going in there, he's able to make plays. He's smart, he's physical, he's aggressive. He does a great job in the run game, block game, and he runs some really good routes. He's a guy we believe in."

On improvements he can make and if the game has 'slowed down' for him yet

"I don't think it's slowed down yet; I think it's still an incredibly fast game. The way the defenses play and how fast and physical those guys are on defense is never easy. I feel like we've had a plan each week, and we're always about getting better and continuing to improve. As long as we're being secure with the ball, not turning it over, and giving our guys a shot to have completions, yards after catch. That puts our team in a good position. My job is to always get the ball to the guys that make the plays. Just give them the ball, and they'll make something special happen. It's always about watching film, getting better, and learning from my mistakes. Experience is the best teacher."

On what he expects from the Ravens defense

"They're going to bring a bunch of different looks. They do a great job disguising bringing pressures and tricking you into thinking it's coming from one way and bringing it from the other way. They're really well coached, they play really sound football, and they have guys that fly around and play really good defense. A couple great corners, some linebackers that can really match the running backs — those guys play really downhill, and they can tackle very well."

On taking notes when facing a new opponent like the Ravens

"I always start with a blank notebook for teams we haven't played. You get teams like the Raiders and the Chiefs — teams you have played — and you already have a couple pages of notes. You can look back on those for coverages, pressures, things you've already identified. But for this Ravens team, I haven't played them yet. It's a fresh start for me watching all the film this week, getting a good beat for that so that we do have a good chance to win on Sunday."

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