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Week 5: Top Quotes From Justin Herbert

Herbert 10-8 top quotes

Here's what the QB had to say heading into Week 5 of 2021.

On the game plan for Browns' front-seven

"I think you have to gameplan for every team and the Browns certainly present a challenge unlike any other, they've got those front-seven, it's unreal. We have to do everything we can to watch game film to have a solid gameplan to have a solid protection plan so that when we go out there on Sunday, we are able to recognize the blitzes, protect it solid and so it's going to require everyone."

On the Chargers' run game improving the passing game

"I think they've done an incredible job all year and I think as long as you're balanced and have a good attack both in the run game and the pass game on offense, I think you're really tough to stop. I really believe in our offensive linemen upfront and I know that we can run the ball behind those guys. Any time you give the ball to Austin Ekeler, Larry [Rountree] or even Justin Jackson, [Joshua] Kelley, those guys are gonna fight for yards, so they make our offense a lot better."

On what makes Myles Garrett such a great pass rusher

"I think the combination of size, athleticism, explosiveness, he's able to do everything. He can defend some passes too…he's one of those guys that you look and see him on film, and he makes plays. You have to know where he is at all times so that you're ready for what he does."

On how he's developed his instincts in the pocket

"I appreciate the kind words from [Joe Lombardi]. I think it's taken a lot of time to figure that out…especially having Joe [Lombardi] and Shane [Day] in our quarterback room, I've learned so much more from them. Talking about that all week and going out and seeing it and repping it and going through it, maybe we don't make that play without those guys. I think a lot of it can be learned in the film room, especially when Shane and Joe are teaching us."

On the versatility of the tight ends on the Chargers

"The way we play them too, they need to be able run block, pass block, and go out and win on one-on-one matchups and the guys that we have, Stephen Anderson, Jared Cook, Donald Parham, they've done an incredible job so far. I think the way that Jared Cook is able to win routes and beat man-coverage and Parham certainly presents a challenge, how long he is and how he's able to reach above man-coverage and all those zone-coverages…Stephen Anderson, too, in the run game, and he's been an incredible blocker and he's one of those guys that we've really relied on."

On center Corey Linsley making pre-snap reads

"I think he's one of the smartest to ever do it. The way we do it, he gets up on the ball and we're able to go really quickly. He's able to make those Mike IDs and if we see anything we can overturn it and we can flip it. Corey does an incredible job studying and preparing so were able to get up on the ball go quickly and gives us a lot of tempo."

On how running back Joshua Kelley has progressed if Justin Jackson can't play on Sunday (doubtful with groin injury)

"Josh Kelley's been a really solid guy. He's really smart, he knows what he's doing, he's very explosive, he's able to make those quick cuts. We really trust him in the pass game, so I know that he's able to get out on routes, catch balls, and he's done a great job so far."

Check out the best photos from the Bolts final Week 5 practice on Friday at Hoag Performance Center.

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