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 Week 4: Top Quotes From Justin Herbert


Here's what the QB had to say heading into Week 4 of 2021.

On facing Raiders DC Gus Bradley:

"It's kind of a weird situation for us, and that's one of things where we can look to some of the training camp film from last year. Do our best to kind of study the things he does. He's obviously an incredible coach and I got really close with him last year and just being able to spend time with him last year was really meaningful to me. He's done a really good job with those guys, they are playing really good football and they are really well-coached. They are really solid in their assignments, and they've got some pretty athletic guys, so they're tough."

On facing former teammate CB Casey Hayward:

"Casey [Hayward] has always been a tough guy to go against, even in camp last year when I got to go against him. Really good in man coverage and zone coverage as well. He's been stepping up and making some big plays and you know I'm not surprised at all by that. He's always been a super smart, intelligent guy who's really athletic too. He fits perfectly in that scheme, and he's done a really good job."

What he's seen from Raiders DEs Maxx Crosby and Yannick Ngakoue:

"Those are two incredible players, two guys that are really able to rush the passer. They've done a great job disrupting the quarterback. [Their] front seven, it's pretty impressive as well. You get some of those safeties and they're a tough defense and they are really well-coached … Coach Bradley's got a great feel for the game and when you've got two ends like that playing, you know you can do a lot of things. It changes the way the offense has to play so we have to have a solid protection plan going into the game so that we have a chance to win on Monday."

On clock management at the end of games when the offense has the ball:

"Those are situations you have to be prepared for. We talked about it in the meeting this morning, going down and being prepared for running out the clock and being the team with the ball to end the game … You know it's obviously a tough situation but that's something that we have to learn and keep discussing so when that does happen again, we will be ready for it."

On practicing plays in motion:

"You have to be aware of the play clock. When it's low, you don't have time to motion people across and you have to get everyone set and sometimes that ruins the play. Sometimes we practice these plays all week, having these motions and putting our team in a position to win but sometimes when the clock's low, [and] we get the play in late, you have to react and you have to make something happen … It's been something we've done every day, especially with the offensive line, the receivers and everyone together and having the officials here [at practice] is huge for us too."

Take a look at the best photos from the Bolts Saturday practice at Hoag Performance Center.

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