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Trent Green on Herbert's Development & Surveying the AFC West

Chargers Weekly 09.08

Former NFL Quarterback and CBS Sports' Trent Green joined the latest edition of Chargers Weekly to preview Sunday's season opener versus the Raiders.

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Highlights of the conversation with Green are below:

On QB Justin Herbert's development and what he expects from him this season:

"I think there were big jumps for him from Year 1 to Year 2. First off, the numbers he's put up over the first two seasons are ridiculous. I thought highly of him coming out of college. What he was able to do his rookie year really impressed me quite a bit."

"I expect him to just keep going. I think he's got a good grasp on things. He's obviously surrounded with lots of talent in terms of his weapons and he's not afraid to stand in there…His development, what he's been able to do his first two years, I do think it's just going to continue to grow."

On preparing for Week 1 game and the changes to the Raiders coaching staff:

"I think preparing for this game, you've got to go back and look at what Josh McDaniels did when he had Mac Jones and when he had Tom Brady. But then he had Tom Brady with certain receivers, and he had Tom Brady with other receivers. I think they've adjusted that offense based on the personnel he had in New England and you look at all the weapons that Derek Carr has…what do you go back and study."

"For me, I kind of look at all those different phases. How did he handle the different quarterbacks, the different systems and then what people and receivers were surrounding him. It does make it harder."

On Trey Pipkins III being challenged from the jump:

"This is a very big year for [Trey] Pipkins. This is a huge year for him and what a great challenge coming in Week 1 and it's going to be a challenge throughout the whole season. As we know, the AFC West is stacked but the AFC West is stacked for every single team in the division in terms of strength of schedule and who they have to play."

On AFC West:

"The hard part is going to be the schedule and the fact that these teams are beating each other up. They're playing each other twice and that takes its toll, so who's going to be the healthiest down the stretch. The schedule is tough for every team in the division. It's going to be a lot of fun."

"There's a reason there's so much attention placed on the AFC and so much attention placed on the AFC West just because of all the shaking up that's gone on this offseason."

On Staley's 4th-down philosophy:

"Better defense, better special teams means he's going to be even more aggressive, don't you think? Which may make it a little scary for opponents but I'm all in on what he was doing. I like the analytics part of it. I think you do need to have a feel part of it and understand it. I really enjoyed the conversation we had with [Staley] last year and I'm looking forward to the conversation I'm going to have with him this year prior to the game."

"He was very calm in explaining what it was he was trying to get done and his approach, how he studies the numbers and percentages, you just go down the line. I know a lot was made about the call last year but look, the defense came on the field and held them to a field goal. If you look at the 4th down conversions the Chargers had in that game, what they were able to do to keep drives alive, all the numbers point in his favor. It's just that everyone wants to talk about that one call. I'm a fan of it. As a quarterback, as an offensive guy, I'm all in on never punting."

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