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Tuipulotu, Palmer Talk Early Camp Impressions on Chargers Weekly

CW Recap Week 2

Chargers outside linebacker Tuli Tuipulotu and wide receiver Joshua Palmer joined the latest edition of Chargers Weekly live from training camp at Jack Hammett Sports Complex.

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Highlights of the conversation with Tuipulotu are below:

On his first week of camp:

"It's been fun. A lot of energy. I think the biggest thing for me is being able to watch all the vets play, I think it's surreal just seeing it in person, Watching Joey [Bosa]. [Khalil] Mack, Derwin [James, Jr.], [Eric Kendricks], all of them just on the field playing together is just crazy to me, so I've been enjoying that. And whenever I get a chance to play with them, just make the most of it."

On how he learns from Bosa and Mack:

"I think just watching them in practice, seeing how they go about doing everything, they make the most of everything they've got. Today, they had a 2-minute drill and me and Chris [Rumph II] were waiting to get subbed in and you see Joey and KMack just like, "Nah, we're going to stay the whole thing". It's a 2-minute drill, they were on the field for like eight plays already. You just see what type of mentality they have for practice, so I just have to learn from that and hopefully take that too."

On what it's like going up against Rashawn Slater in 1-on-1 drills:

"I mean it's great, of course when you practice against great o-lineman it prepares you for who else you're going to play. He's really strong, he's really smart, he changes up his pass sets every now and then so you don't know what kind of pass set he's going to give you. Sometimes he jumps, sometimes he backs up. I don't think I've won a rep against him this whole training camp, so I'm going to keep trying and try to beat him for sure."

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Highlights of the conversation with Palmer are below:

On what it's meant in his development to work alongside Keenan Allen:

"It means a lot. I've been behind Keenan since day one, behind meaning like watching him and everything he does, especially in the drills, coming back to him after I do the drill or after I do a route. Keenan has a pretty special place in my heart just because he's been a big mentor for me and helped me a lot, so seeing him come back this year made me smile. Keenan's a special receiver and I'm going to soak up everything I can."

On how scary the WR group can be if healthy:

"Yeah, we do have a basketball team. We say it every time, we're not afraid to go up top, I think we're going to go up top a lot, fade balls, slant, everything. We've got all the pieces, we just got to stay consistent, keep making each other better which is the most important thing."

On competing against this secondary:

"Oh man, it's competition. [Head] Coach [Brandon Staley] said it the other day, if you don't come out to practice to work you're going to get exposed and that's really special because no one can come out here and just lollygag. You've got to bring it every time. [Michael] Davis is going to bring it every time, Asante [Samuel, Jr.] is going to bring it every time, [Ja'Sir Taylor], everybody, Derwin is going to bring it every time. You really don't have time to be like, 'Ahh, my body hurts, I'm just going to take this rep off,' because then you're getting picked off, you're biting on your routes. You really got to bring it every week and that will just prepare us for the games."

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